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Plugs and feelings 18 April 2000

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I have to apologize for the uncoolness of this diary page… I know everyone else has way spiffier pages, and you would THINK a computer science major would have a spiffier site, but I am LAZY. Aside from the fact that I’m not good at messing with other people’s code.

Anyhow, all that is a little off topic, although what the topic for tonight is I haven’t yet decided. Life… love… the meaning of the universe… oh wait, this isn’t a Douglas Adams novel. :o) Did I ever mention how I managed to snag the More Than Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (more than complete because Douglas Adams wrote the series originally as a trilogy, published the Complete Guide, then wrote two more novels), hardcover and almost mint, for $10 at a used bookstore?! I was so proud of myself. I love Bob’s Books!! If any of y’all are in northern Virginia, check out Bob’s Books on Rolling Road in Springfield. It RAWKS! :o)

Anyhow, well, that was a tangent if ever I saw one. I’m so pleased with myself right now. I have three papers to do by next week, but I’ve got it all planned out when I’ll do them, and I’ve got all the research for them, so I’m really ahead of myself. And I’m almost done with an exam due Friday. So I feel like I have all this time to myself, and it’s really a wonderful feeling. I just can’t procrastinate like I usually do, and actually WRITE the papers when I planned on it. :o)

But the weird thing is I’m not sure how I’m feeling. I’m excited about the homework issue working out, especially since the semester is winding down and usually it gets busier, but I’ve conveniently put out of my head my bad grades. Selective memory is a wonderful thing. :o) But at the same time, I’m anxious for Friday to get here so I can spend the WHOLE weekend with Kurt… the first in a few weeks. I’m stressed about friends, though. One of my friends really hurt my feelings last night… She did apologize, but I feel like I’ve somewhat gotten the cold shoulder lately from her. At the same time, I feel like my friends think what I say is pointless and obnoxious, instead of laughing at my jokes the way they used to. And no one really listens anymore. I will start a sentence just to realize that by the end of it no one is paying any attention. But that’s ok… for “this too shall pass…” :o)

Aside from the fact that I’ve gotten a real self-esteem booster from my boss at work. My whole department in the library is moving next fall because of renovations to the library building, and some of the ladies there are moving to a local off-site building. My boss can only take one student assistant with her, and she chose me! It means a half hour commute each way, which puts a bit of a crimp in my schedule for my senior year, but that’s ok. I love my job, I love what I do, and I am really looking forward to doing more of it! YAY!!!

OK, I think I’ll go read my novel…. Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson, Hokas Pokas! If you’ve never read that novel (well, really a collection of stories about the same subject matter), run don’t walk to your nearest bookstore. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read… and I’ve read it many times. :o) OK, enough shameless plugs… Take care, all!!!!


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