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Cellos and bathrooms 20 April 2000

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A night of hilarity to draw me out of the doldrums of despair… Franny comes over and we watch Whose Line Is It Anyway? Wayne was being King Kong for that “guess the party character” game, and he went to the audience and grabbed a cute girl. Only when he picked her up, her skirt rode up and millions of viewers were treated to the sight of her underpants. It was HILARIOUS! Then my roommate came home in a bad mood because she’s sick, and she has a test tomorrow. When she went to clean out her mouse, I offered my can of air, and she went to town!! She has now fallen in love with playing with the can of air and thinks it’s more fun than Whack-A-Mole.

I have decided that the clock on isn’t right. My computer reads 11:22pm and the time entry block says 11:51:07. Hmmm…

Things that make you go hmm… I guess music. That’s a good topic… NAKED CELLO!! Oh damn, how did that get in here?!?! That’s ok… those who know will understand the reference. :o) I never played my cello nude, although I should have. I did once play my cello in my nightie for this guy that my mother brought home randomly from the bar one night… and then later argued with (she was drunk) and threw out into the night. Or early morning, rather.

I really miss the orchestra. I miss my cello. My stepmom broke it… I had two cellos when I was in high school. My parents bought me one in 5th grade when it was apparent I was serious about it, but then my dad retired from the Navy and we didn’t have enough money to rent a cello from the school. It’s really hard to bring a cello onto the schoolbus. :o) So my grandma (stepmom’s mother) gave me the cello she “borrowed” when the high school she taught at disbanded their orchestra program. That is the Kay cello, so named because it has the Kay logo on it. I left that one at school and used the other at home to practice. The Kay cello looks crappy, but it has a WONDERFUL sound, whereas the student cello (the one my parents bought) was beautiful but had a bit of a buzz. The Kay cello was harder to play… the strings were a lot tighter, so I usually played the student cello. When I went to college, my brother decided to play the cello and inherited the student cello. And one day, my stepmom leaned the cello against the door of the Saturn… propped on its endpin….. and CRASH!! Down went the cello. The neck snapped off, right where the neck meets the body. I was so proud of that cello because it was the only one I’d ever seen that had a continuous piece from neck to body. It’s gotten fixed… but it’s the principle. I tried to explain to my parents how much that cello meant to me, since I’d had it since I was ten years old, but they didn’t understand.

Slight bitchiness here… I swear my suitemates keep some sort of life support in the bathroom that they need to access every ten minutes. That’s how often one or the other of them is in there. And they slam the door!!! 5am, they’re in there doing their business, and they slam the door after them. And you CANNOT be in the bathroom if one of the suitemates is in there… She locks the door. Even to wash her hands…. . I pity their suitemates next year. As for me, I shall be suiteing with some really cool ladies — WOO HOO!! Pardon my venting, but hey… everyone needs to vent every so often. :o)


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