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Home again home again… 9 May 2000

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So is it “Enjoy the Silence” or the silence is deafening?? I’m not sure which it is… although right now I’m leaning towards the silence is deafening, even thought I’ve got my radio on, my computer sounds going off, and a fan running. The sad thing is my roommate won’t come waltzing in the door to tell me all about her day, start playing her Hole CD, and commiserate with me about our suitemates and their bathroom-hogging rituals. I’ve never gone through roommate withdrawal before — my other two roommates have been less than wonderful, and let’s just leave it at that; this is all new to me. And I know she and I don’t spend a whole lot of time together, but it was heart-wrenching to have to leave her at school all by herself in that room. I always felt bad enough leaving her on the weekends… Well, three months isn’t too long, and I plan to bombard her with cool snail mail… sshh!! Don’t tell her! :o) ::sigh::

I’m rather glad to be home… maybe my life will be less full of stess. My family has missed me since the last time I was home was Christmas break. I miss all my friends, but some will land here in noVA, so that makes me feel a little better. I’m just looking forward to sleeping in a double bed in a nice cold room (a/c is lovely!), and not having to wake up at the ungodly hour of just before 8am. But I will have to get up a reasonable hour to go beg my boss for a job and to meet my ex for lunch. Isn’t that odd??? I didn’t think he’d want to see me, at least outside of work. But he asked me when I was coming in tomorrow and told me that he’d meet me there, so I just decided maybe we should do lunch. I guess I should bite the bullet and get it over with. I hope he doesn’t confront me about why we broke up… I don’t want to deal with all that again right now.

Unpacking SUCKS! I’ve got all the stuff I brought home unpacked, but I’ve still got to unpack all my clothes. Otherwise I won’t have anything to wear tomorrow!! And nekkid Karyl is something y’all would rather not see. I just got really frustrated when I opened the last drawer in my dresser here at home and found that Marty in her never-ending wisdom had filled that drawer with lots o’ my stuff. This is after opening every other drawer in this room only to find more and more stuff. Quite frustrating. So I gave up. I figured it’s not worth the frustration and the annoyance… but I’ve STILL got to find where to put all this stuff so that I can actually sleep on my bed. Novel idea, eh?? :o)

Not to mention I miss Kurt terribly… I cried more these last couple of weeks than I did today, but even though it was the time to be sad I just couldn’t… I didn’t want his last image of me for a while to be of me sobbing. So I cried before. :o) I cried after he left… but that’s ok. I’ll see him soon; just not every week like I’m used to. C’est la vie.


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