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Sweet memories and a thought to ponder 12 June 2000

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Dad scanned some photos today for me… photos generally from this semester at school, but there is one that always makes me smile. There’s something I should tell you about when I was quite little. There was this cabinet in our house that I would LOVE to sit in. I’ve got photos of me happily seated in there, and wiggling my way out once I started getting a bit too large (I was a FAT baby!) to sit in the cabinet. My sister was a slim little girl, and being my older sister, she liked to tease me. Isn’t that the job of an older sister?! :o) So in this photo, I’ve just found Michele sitting in what I consider MY cabinet. The look on my face is so pitiful… and my sister has that evil gleam in her eye. :o) I love this photo!! (Yeah, I know it’s a bit grainy… but when you take into consideration that the print that was scanned is 19 years old, then you understand. *wink*)

Another lovely memory…

I do believe I mentioned the dance party that my club at school had way back this spring in April. That long ago? Wow. I had a grand time there at the dance party. It was the first event held jointly by the Science Fiction/Fantasy Club (a.k.a. skiffy) and the Anime Club. And yes, those are two totally different clubs with almost a completely different membership. They don’t overlap much… Anyhow, back to the story. Well, my earlier entry mentions how I was quite welcomed by my friends, and how much fun we had dancing. I was really impressed by the dance music because it was done by someone I didn’t even know off his computer system. He played a WONDERFUL mix of dance music and requests, and he gets mad props, whoever he is. :o) Anyhow, this particular photo shows me and three of my favorite ladies — Franny the Amazing FT, Angela the Sex Goddess, myself, and Liza the Fairy Princess (well, for that evening) behind us. I am loving college because of these ladies and my other friends because it is they who really make life bearable. Without my friends being there for me, and knowing how much they care for me, my life would be a lot less bright and enriched. You all know who you are… and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being who you are. Y’all are GREAT! :o)

Aww, what a warm fuzzy. ;o)

I have heard the song “Change Your Mind” by Sister Hazel about a zillion times since it came out here in DC. And I have finally noticed a line from it that really struck a chord with me… It goes: “Have you ever danced in the rain or thanked the sun just for shining for the sea?” (or a reasonable facsimile thereof.) Isn’t that a beautiful thought? And we should really take the time to dance in the rain like kids… roll down a few hills like my online friend Mike is trying to convince me to do… just give thanks that the sun is shining for us, giving us life in so many ways. Just thank the world for being… see the environment around you in a childish joy. Sometimes it’s beneficial to revert to our childhood…. :o)


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