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This entry is rather… “beast”?? 13 June 2000

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Oooohhh, I feel so bad. I had all these grandiose plans for what I was going to do on my two days off this week, but yesterday was rather shot since I went shopping with my stepmom. And I have to say, that Costco is AWESOME! Hehe. However, I did violate a major Costco rule by not eating any of the food that’s prepared for the customers to get them to buy it. Oh, well. So today was going to be my day for doing stuff. But since I woke up at 12:47pm, I think today is rather shot too. :o) At least I got a fair amount of sleep!!!

So explain to me the use of the words “tight” and “beast.” I mean, I could understand “phat” to a degree, although I never used it. My slang of choice usually consists of “cool” or “rad” or something equally inane. At work, the guys are all about using “tight” and “beast.” I don’t like the word “tight” — I guess it’s my dirty mind that keeps me thinking of using that word to describe a girl’s genitalia during sex… That’s what comes to mind when they tell me, “Man, that girl is TIGHT!” When I ask, “How do YOU know?” they look at me funny. Hehe. Oh, and “beast.” Ew. Can they come up with a WORSE adjective?? It’s a noun, for pete’s sake!! How can anything be “beast”? It should be “beastly,” or “beast-like,” but not just “beast”! I was talking to my friend online last night, discussing a guy who’s left employment at the store we work at, and he says, “James was BEAST!” Aarrgghhh!!! What the hell?! All the guys at work use these two words… I guess I’m just behind in the times by using “cool.” ::sigh:: “I’m a loser baby….” :o)

Wow, that was a rant… :o) Hey, I can’t help it. I’m a linguistics minor.

So life will be interesting these next couple of days. Dad’s high school/college sweetheart, Pat, is going to be with us, along with her husband Bill. I don’t remember much about them, just that they’re… well, interesting. I guess. So I’ll tell you more about them when they get here, which I hope isn’t too late, because we’re waiting dinner on them. :o)

You know, I think I’m gonna go on another rant. Explain to me this — you go out to dinner or something. You see a group of men at a table, having a great time. You also see a table of women, also having a great time. The two groups leave at roughly the same time. Who leaves a bigger mess?? Most people would guess the men… but it’s women who leave a mess! I guess it’s because they have to clean their home, so they don’t want to clean up after themselves at all. I bussed tables at the restaurant where my mother worked for a while, and women always trashed the table. Very strange….

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY FLAG DAY!!!!!