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Bon Jovi RULES 20 June 2000

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“Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty….” Guns N’ Roses BABY!!!!! Heh. This song always makes me think of my sister’s best friend Kayce because Michele once told me that Kayce’s mom LOVES this song.

It’s amazing what I associate music with. Bon Jovi… *drool…* I always remember my friend Megan in Michigan with “Never Say Goodbye,” second side, second to last song on Slippery When Wet. (Damn, I’m good!! I just checked my tape, and I was right!) I played that song over and over again after she left the cottage on Lake Michigan because somehow we knew we wouldn’t see each other again. And it was one of those friendships where you become best friends very quickly, but one or the other has to leave… and it’s so depressing. I was obsessed with Bon Jovi back in the day. Wait. What do I mean, back in the day?! When I found out he was in U-571, I positively drooled every time he was on screen, even though my boyfriend was right there, and despite the fact that a Jon Bon Jovi in WWII-era Navy whites isn’t quite as sexy as big-haired Jon in a leather vest and tight pants….


My sister used to get those rocker mags when she was younger…. Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone, but MICHELE USED TO BE A METAL-HEAD!!! Hehe. Black outfits, listening to Metallica, watching Headbanger’s Ball with Kayce, big hair that needed a full can of aerosol hair spray to defy gravity… Dude, she’s gonna be pissed when she reads this. It’s a DAMN good thing we have half the United States separating us. :o) Well, she was young, she was dumb… and she’s much more sedate now. :o) (“Tommy’s got his six string in hock… now he’s holding in… where he used to make it talk so tough….. ooooo it’s tough…” Random quote from “Living On a Prayer,” the original version [for those of you with the Cross Roads CD]. Good song! I just HAD to stick the tape in, so now I’m jamming!) Anyhow, so Michele was this wild child, and she bought rocker mags at some point. And I had this photo of Jon up on my wall for the LONGEST time… Jon in a bomber jacket, with his long wavy hair, and aviator sunglasses, and a faint half-smile curling his luscious lips…..

OK, I’m all right now. :o) *sigh*

I WENT TO TARGET TONIGHT!! TAR-JAY BOUTIQUE!!! WOO HOO!!! I got lots of cool stuff… like an orange tanktop with yellow straps, an olive green tank top (whoops, must change to side B of Slippery When Wet) that was on clearance for $1.74, and lots of presents for my wonderful lovely adorable roomie, like… wait. She reads this. HA! Stina, you thought I would tell you!! HAHAHA!! Not on your life! You’re gonna have to wait till I come down! Hee hee!!!

Yes I’m in a silly mood. Deal. :o)

“She wasn’t young, but still a child… There was still innocence in faded smiles… She called to me, as I passed her by… Lady of the night looked in my eyes…” Another Bon Jovi song, “Without Love.” Damn, I love this tape!!!

I think my randomness meter has gone WAY past red, so I think I should end this entry. If you’ve noticed, I have left my morose period. I’m not sure why. I think it’s the prospect of being off from work tomorrow!! YAY!


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