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Summer storms 21 June 2000

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A nice cool breeze comes through my window as thunder rumbles in the distance. The sound of the wind soughing through the trees is so peaceful, and I can hear my neighbor’s wind chime tinkling merrily. I love the feeling of the breeze on my bare shoulder… It calms me, makes me gentle and carefree.

Oh. And it’s Prince William’s 18th birthday. I know, Aubrey already mentioned it, but I just thought it had to be brought up again. :o) I was looking on at some of the photos released for his birthday, and I have to agree with you, Aub, he’s a cutie patootie! Even though he’s three and a half years younger than me, he’s still the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a DAMN good thing that the future King of England took after Diana instead of Charles. :o)

o0o0o0o, now the rain has started. The thunder’s a little louder, and the scent of summer rain is thick in my room. I can feel little droplets hit my shoulder every so often… THIS IS HEAVEN!

Once my dad and I watched a summer thunderstorm when we were living in Nebraska. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before or not; if so, please bear with me. Our house was on the backside of a hill, so not only did the street in front of our house form a hill, but also our backyard. So we could see quite a ways… all the way to Iowa, about six miles distant. Well, there was this glorious summer storm, with lightning, thunder, plenty of rain… Dad and I went onto the back porch, which was screened in, and listened to the rain pound the tin roof of the porch and watched the lightning illuminate the sky from there to Iowa. It was one of those father-daughter bonding moments that is quite dear in my memory….

Heh. So yesterday I was at work, talking to Kim from the phone room and Beverly from the Mac department, while Kim was sorting the markdown merchandise in the warehouse. We were discussing the fact that they don’t think we have a decent manager, and one said, “Well, if we had a decent manager, the girls wouldn’t get away with wearing what they do around here!” Which I agree with — the girls that work there, well… one dresses to show off her body, which the boys at work already drool over. The stuff that she wears just isn’t professional, but she’s a sweet girl. Anyhow, Kim responded with “It doesn’t help that the head cashier looks like a whore!” Hehehe. The head cashier HATES me. She tried to prevent the HR lady from hiring me earlier this summer. But Kim’s right — she does dress like a whore. Every day she wears a mini-skirt, and she’s just lately started to wear pantyhose, even though it says on the dress guidelines for women that they HAVE to wear hose with skirts. She’s the cashiers’ boss — you would think she’d dress more professionally since she’s so high up in terms of management. She’s also a bitch, so there you go. :o)

Man, I hope this storm lasts till I go to bed… There’s nothing better than lying in bed, listening to the storm. It sounds like it’s fading already, though, as soon as I typed that. I think I jinxed it…. hehehe.


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