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Time is passing us all by 22 June 2000

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Oh my goodness, it’s 9:15pm already?! Where does the time go? I swear my life is passing me by and I’m not even noticing….

Well, I guess I’d better get it over with, since almost all the folks who read this diary already know about it, and since I just admitted the fact to my mother, this seems like the least painful way to admit said fact to people who are not in the know. I got a tattoo in early May on my lower back. It’s really cool too!! My mother was most likely less than pleased, and my dad was highly annoyed, but it’s my body, dammit, and I wanted to do it. Anyhow, my tattoo is really cool, it’s the subject of choice in the breakroom at work when I’m up there, and you should really check it out!! Keep in mind that photo is a major close up, and was taken within a week of my getting my tattoo. It’s not raised up like that anymore.

Phew. Glad I got that off my chest. It’s a good thing I’m working tomorrow and my sister can’t call me up from halfway across the States to scream in my ear. Heh.


Speaking of being in the breakroom, I was up there today during lunch, and I borrowed a newspaper from someone because there was no one to talk to. A cover story of the Washington Post really disturbed me, but didn’t surprise me much at all. Apparently, funeral processions are being interrupted by people in this area who just can’t give way. Exasperated drivers caught behind a cortege will weave in and out of the procession, and even pass on the shoulder. They will give the finger to the mourners and blare their horns in an effort to shave a minute or two off their drive. It used to be that people would pull over for a funeral procession, and some would even get out of their cars to honour the deceased. Nowadays… the paper mentions the story of one woman whose grandmother died. The inconsiderateness of the other drivers really added to her grief, and when a car full of teenagers would not yield to them, she explained to them that her grandmother had just died. The teenagers replied, in a manner that shocked but didn’t surprise me, “So what?!”


On my way home from work, I have to pass the high school I graduated from three years ago. I made the realization tonight when I saw that graduation 2000 was held on June 16th, that I now know NO ONE at my old high school. A weird feeling… makes me realize how old I’m getting. I began to think about the freshmen who were in the class that I TA’ed for my senior year. A few come to mind, and I remember the boys who had not yet surpassed the girls in terms of height, the boys whose voices had just begun to crack, the girls with braces, and the kids in general who could not stay quiet or sit still for an entire class period. The young 14-year-olds who were just trying their wings with the freedom of high school… are now spreading their wings to their greatest and looking forward to college, work, and the military. You just keep thinking of the young’uns as always being young, since you don’t see them grow up. But then you realize, as I did today, that time doesn’t stand still… and now those self-conscious, awkward teenagers are now self-assured, confident adults. Time passes us all by….


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