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Nookie Makes The World Go ‘Round 26 June 2000

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Heh. I’m so special that I am now part of Uncle Bob’s Army. Along with at least thirty other people, but hey, Uncle Bob RAWKS. Check him out. (Shameless plug.) :o)

I just got back from having dinner with the Nerdy One and our friend Joe. Oh man, it was GREAT! I hadn’t been able to see Joe when he swung by this area the first time, so seeing him tonight was grand, even though he’ll be moving to this area next week or so. :o) We just sat and chatted about everything… although Nerdygrrl and I got kind of carried away with quoting random lines from Uncle Bob’s diary — Joe was looking at us like two-headed freaks by that time. :o) We then devoured a really yummy strawberry tallcake… heaven! And any time I get to spend with my sex goddess is, of course, excellent.

Just you guys wait till next semester, when we re-form the Bacchae. Let me just give you guys a hint about the crazy stuff the Bacchae do — we tend to visit a certain “Love Shop” which sells all sorts of sex toys, and then go bowling. Sometimes Nerdygrrl and I frighten the rednecks, which is always a bunch of fun. Sometimes the Bacchae get mooned by hairy male bums thrust through the window of the car next to us. :o) We give new meaning to the term “Girls’ Night Out.” Heh.

Another one of my nicknames, aside from BlueSleepy, is Red, since my hair is rather vibrantly red. Well, it’s not just my hair that’s red tonight… my back looks like a freshly steamed lobster shell. And it HURTS! This one guy at work decided that he was going to annoy me all day by slapping at my back, and he even went so far as to thrust a comment card for our store down my back. It really got in the way when I went to dinner with Nerdygrrl and Joe because I couldn’t really give them hugs. Very depressing…. I guess that will teach me to find the sunscreen. Oh, did I mention I DID find the sunscreen?? Yeah, my brilliant stepmom keeps it in the small bathroom that I NEVER use. ::sigh:: Poor me.

Yeah, and my parents brought the van to me at work so I had a way to get home after I went to dinner with my friends. I was with a customer when all of a sudden one of my co-workers gestures out the window and says, “Do you know those people?” It was my stepmom and my brother making faces at me through the plate glass. I had to pretend I wasn’t related to those crazy people. :o)

Ooooohh, and today I was randomly staring at the window when I happened to notice Kenny and Christian, both guys who work the sales floor, take off through the shopping plaza at breakneck speed. I thought maybe they were just racing to Safeway just to be silly, but then I noticed a manager outside hurrying around and talking on the cordless phone. SHOPLIFTER!!! YAY!!! It always amazes me that people think they can shoplift in our store. About the only thing they can get away with are the CDs from our mark-down software, since it’s fairly easy to open them and pretend like you’re just checking that the CD is actually in the case. But silly people try to get away with the big stuff. I heard something about a battery today, and another person said that what the guy was stealing didn’t even fit under his shirt, so it was really obvious. And they caught him in Safeway. They ALWAYS get caught. We have a highly efficient security man and a really good camera network. And another thing — over Christmas break, they caught these two men stealing small things that were worth a lot of money. When they were caught, the police patted them down at Merchandise Pickup… and the stuff that came out of their pockets wasn’t just merchandise. They had drugs on them also. DUH!! If you’re going to shoplift at a store where you’re highly likely to get caught, DON’T BRING DRUGS!! I can’t believe they’re THAT stupid. Heh.

Sign on the register of the Quik Stop Convenience Store, from the movie Clerks: “If you’re planning on shoplifting, let us know in advance.”


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