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Customer Service is not all it’s cracked up to be 27 June 2000

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Some days I wish people would just leave me alone. First thing I get home, I turn on my computer to check my email and catch up on people’s diaries. But AIM and ICQ automatically start up, and people start messaging me. And since I JUST got home, my dad comes into my room to talk. Then my brother wants to show me this cool new Lego thing he built. And my stepmom wants to tell me that she’s going to take my brother to the doctor and then she’ll be back to take me to the doctor too. So I end up ignoring the three online people that messaged me because it’s rude to ignore people in the flesh invading my room and wanting to talk to me. ::sigh:: OK, make that FOUR people. I know, I should just shut down my chat programs… Too easy, I guess…

So I had this horrible day at work. First I find out that one of our “Secret Shoppers” that work for the company who come in to check our performance gave me HORRIBLE marks. Well, not as bad as the last review we had the week before, but 14/20 is bad for the customer service department. Usually we get full points, and the last Secret Shopper who ended up with me (she wrote my name down as “Patricia” which is NOTHING like my name, but since I’m the only female who was working that day, it HAS to be me) gave me a perfect score. My manager was really taken aback because the lady marked me down for not asking her the reason for her return, and I KNOW I asked. I always do! I know for a fact that this lady was on crack since she went through the cashier’s line (with someone ahead of her in line) and completed her transaction in 16 seconds. From the moment she entered the line to walking away with her merchandise. Oh, that’s such b.s. :o) It takes longer than 16 seconds to print out the receipt!!! Silly people. At least my managers weren’t mad.

Speaking of managers, today was the last day for me to work with Sherman, who is absolutely the sweetest guy to have as a manager, or just a co-worker in general. He’s very soft-spoken, very gentle, very considerate… never made me feel stupid, and let me learn stuff on my own. He’s just the BEST! I think I like him better than Fred, my other manager, only because he took his job a slight bit more seriously than Fred does. I’ll REALLY miss Sherman.

Hmm, back to my bad day. Then I ended up having two co-workers yell at me. One was sick today, but still came in, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he gave a customer bad information — that we could work on the customer’s computer (which we can’t), which led the customer to drive two hours to get to our store. Oh, the customer was not pleased. When I let my co-worker know of his error (I thought maybe he just didn’t know what model the customer’s unit was; benefit of the doubt and all that) on the request of my manager, he tore my head off and informed me that OF COURSE we can check in the unit, just for diagnostics. Which is bull. Which my manager told me was bull. The other coworker that yelled at me wasn’t mad at me personally. But he, along with the other techs, have been massively swamped with customers’ units and people still expect them to do things NOW for the customer. I didn’t want to ask him to do something NOW for the customer; our head manager did. I think he needed someone to yell at, and I was nearest. I hope he’s not mad at me on Thursday when I get back…

Another customer got really annoyed at me and one of my managers and took both our names down to report back to the home office with. I hope I don’t get in trouble for that…

I don’t know…. Maybe I’m just tired. I’m also nervous because my parents and brother are taking a trip to NY and PA this week, and I’ll be all alone in the house. I don’t like being alone…..

About the only thing that’s keeping me going this week is WAITING, BEGGING, PRAYING! for next Friday to get here sooner….. I want to see my roommate, give her her birthday presents, see her delighted face (I HOPE!) when she opens them… She’s always got an excellent way of making my life all bright again… and I just can’t wait to see her. I also can’t wait to see if she likes what I got her…

I apologize for venting for so long……….. it’s just so hard to keep inside sometimes, you know??


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