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Buttery nipples and redheaded sluts 8 July 2000

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I’m in Portsmouth, and you’re not… Hahahaha. Not that you’d want to be here, unless you have friends here. But I’ve got my boyfriend, my best friend, and my most excellent roommate in the general area. Oh, it’s glorious. I have missed Starryiied SOOO much!! She and I are really good roommates, and she’s always been an excellent listener and an ever better friend. It’s been hard not being able to just turn around and ask for her counsel. Thanks, Starryiied, for everything!

So I came down here to see her. That rather took aback my boyfriend when I told him bluntly that he was the secondary reason for my visit this time around, when he asked why we were going to spend half my time here with Starryiied. A girl only turns 21 in her life! :o) Besides, he’d just seen me two weeks ago when he came up to DC to be with me.

We had a MOST lovely time yesterday. Kurt took Starryiied and me out to eat at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Michele, you would have DIED. The restaurant we went to, Captain George’s, was even nicer than Captain John’s and had a much better selection. I had three sets of crab legs, steamed shrimp, and a ton of other things from the buffet. Starryiied and I also sampled the mix drinks — I had a Water Melon, which tasted just like the flavour of sweet watermelon candy, and she tried the Miami Ice. Hers had a lot more alcohol… hehehe. She opened her presents at the table, and I guess I’ll relieve everyone’s curiosity and finally reveal what I got her. OK, here goes: Power Puff Girls toe socks, Power Puff Girls stamp pens, watercolours, bright mechanical pencils, a really cool Lisa Frank planner, hair doodads, and a cross-stitch of Eeyore with a flutterby on his nose, with the caption “Thanks for unglooming me.” She’s really quite good at that. :o)

Then we headed out to see Much Ado About Nothing at the college. EXCELLENT production. I was impressed.

On to the Greene Leafe Cafe so I could try a buttery nipple. Oh god, that was good!!! Tastes just like liquid butterscotch. I had two of those, two Redheaded Sluts (for Starryiied’s redheaded roomie!), two shots of tequila, and a white russian. Boy, was I happy! :o) I just couldn’t shut up — that’s what happens when I’m drunk. I wasn’t hung over today, something I’m QUITE proud of. I’ve only been hung over once.

The Greene Leafe was so funny!! There was one really cute waitress that sort of reminded me of my sister — short, cute, and blonde. :o) One girl there danced dirty with any guy that would get up there with her, which rather disturbed me and my friends. Then there was the skater dude, who tried to dance like Jay in Clerks and failed miserably. It was FRIGHTENING to watch. :o) I wish they’d had a dance floor — all they had was an open space where some people who’d had enough to drink to be courageous would put on a show for the rest of us. I wanted to dance to “The Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang, but even the shot of tequila that I’d chased with a redheaded slut wasn’t enough to get me up there alone. I wasn’t THAT drunk! :o)

But this weekend has been really good for me. Not just seeing Starryiied and Kurt, but also just RELAXING. In order to get this four day weekend off from work, I had to work eight nine-hour shifts in a row. Today, frolicing in Kurt’s complex’s pool and laying out, soaking up the sun’s rays, just felt so GOOD! But it also really tired me out.

Take care of yourself, all!!!


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