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What’s up in the village of the red 12 July 2000

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Time… WHERE HAS IT GONE?! It used to be that I would go to work at 9:30am, get off at 6:30pm, come home, spend the evening reading, cross-stitching, writing letters… then late at night get online till midnight and catch up with my friends from school. Now, I have the same work schedule, but I don’t get home till after 7pm, due to traffic and to hanging out with folks at work. I end up chatting with Dad or with Mark, or I go out with Shervan or Mikey or someone. Next thing I know it’s 10:30pm, and I haven’t read, or cross-stitched, or written in my journal. Nothing I want to do has been accomplished. This diary has gone by the wayside, I haven’t written Franny in forever, Stina hasn’t had the silver stare relieved by a letter from me in a while, and I STILL haven’t sent my friend the music composition book I bought for him this weekend. Tonight I actually got it into an envelope. But tonight Shervan called me and wanted me to go get a margarita with him at Chili’s. How could I resist? But it’s taken me over 20 minutes just to get to this point in the entry. ::sigh::

Guess what? My brother, the cutest guy in the world, is laying on my bed and reading Harry Potter. The fourth novel, which is like 700 pages long. He’s getting through it fairly quickly, most likely because my stepmother said she MAY buy him a new N64 game if he gets to a certain point by Friday. Bribery is a lovely thing. :o)

Lately I’ve been dreaming of my wonderful roomie Stina. I’m not quite sure why that is… maybe, most likely, because I like to fall asleep while thinking of a recent good memory. So lately I’ve been thinking of my trip to da Burg. My two dreams involving Stina were kind of strange. In the first one, we’re living in Landrum, but it’s really Dupont. You can tell by the layout of the rooms. I went to use the suite bathroom, except there was a guy in there washing his hands, and it didn’t occur to me that that’d be weird. But the problem is we were overcrowded in that room so that it was a triple. And Stina and I have had a hard enough time finding decent roomies, and learning how to live together, that I was REALLY pissed to have another roommate. Besides, no one’s as cool as Stina. :o) I think my other roommate in the dream was Marianna, who was my suitemate my freshman year. WEIRD. In the second dream, which I had last night, Stina and I were in Landrum, and this time it LOOKED like Landrum. The problem was, we were overcrowded to a total of nine girls in the room. The place looked a little like my room at Space Camp, but that held only six. It was quite a strange dream.

My brother Mark has come up with the most excellent idea. My stepmom and I also love Harry Potter, and what the two of them are doing is reading the book at the same time. They each have their own bookmarks. Mark suggested that I read The Goblet of Fire at night after he’s gone to bed, using my own bookmark, and that way all three of us can read the same book. Heh. I love my brother! :o)

All right, enough for one night. Take care of yourselves!


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