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Soul food 19 July 2000

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Today was my day off, and guess what I did, kiddies?! I got up a whopping twenty minutes later than I usually do. ::sigh:: So much for catching up on sleep. Heh. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead (random Bon Jovi reference, from the Keeping the Faith album).

And I STILL haven’t gotten the new Bon Jovi album, Crush. Can you believe it?! I saw it today in Best Buy, but decided to get two other albums instead — the Family Values Tour 1999 (Korn, Filter, Limp Bizkit, and more) and The Best of the 70s Supergroups (Boston, Styx, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alabama, etc). I was actually looking for an album I saw at Target — Power Ballads. Heh. I love cheesy hair bands. Long haired men in tight pants — what more could you want?!?! :o)

My baby is sick… My 1986 Dodge van, which has withstood so much damage from the not-so-tender loving care of my stepmom, failed inspection. This means that on my day off I will be sans vehicle. My parents are hanging on to that vehicle only till they can lay their hands on the soon-to-be-released Toyota Sequoia this fall. That poor baby…

Tonight was so weird here at the house!!! The phone NEVER rings here… No one calls my parents, and most of my friends talk to me on AIM or send me email. First, Kurt calls me. Heh. What a sweety pie. Then my grandma calls when I’m on the phone with Kurt, but I tell her I’ll have my stepmom call her back later. I finish what I’m telling Kurt, then Marty calls Grandma back and talks for a while. During THAT phone call, my sister Michele calls! So then we need to call Michele back. We talk to her, then I call Kurt’s cell phone to let him know I’m off the phone and he can call me back again (he’d been using his buddy’s cell phone which has free long distance). Then this guy my dad rides to work with called, and not long after that the Veterans Association called for my stepmom. While Marty’s on the phone with the VA, Kurt calls me back!!! The upshot is I never really got to talk to Kurt… :o( But it’s all good because he just logged on! :o) With all these people calling, I felt like screaming, “Grand Central Station, may I help you please?!?!?!” Hehe.

Man, today was such a cool day! I went to Tysons Corner Mall, which is super nice, even though I can’t afford anything there, and I got to have Iranian food for lunch, which is AMAZING if you haven’t had it, I had a sundae at Friendly’s, I got to drive Shervan’s Camry, I didn’t have to work… The best day I could have had here in northern Virginia. :o)

Enough of my yabbering!!! Go out, enjoy the sunshine (if it’s not raining, like it was today), pet a puppy, kiss a baby, hug your friends, give a random stranger a compliment, and smile at the sun. Go on! It’s good for your soul!!!


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