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Discrimination runs rampant 20 July 2000

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Depressing… Marty got me a new pair of dress shoes from Land’s End, t-strap Mary Janes. But alas, a girls’ size 7 is too large for me. I guess I should have realized — generally I wear a boys’ 6, and Land’s End treats kids’ shoes the same. But Marty’s getting me a new pair, size 6. They’re just the coolest shoes! :o) My shoe fetish is being fed. I WILL catch up to Stina at some point!!! Heh.

I wore my new shirt from Target to work today. Farouq mentioned it today, and called the colour of it “pistachio.” I was so impressed that a straight guy knows other colour words than just those in Roy G. Biv. :o) I didn’t even think of the colour as pistachio — I was thinking light lime green. But pistachio is much more the colour.

And isn’t pistachio pudding YUMMY?! It’s got to be my favourite kind of pudding.

My family was chosen to participate in the Armitron Ratings, which means for the next week, we have to keep a “diary” in which we list when and where we listen to the radio, and which station we tune in to. The amusing part is I’ve almost always got the radio going, but I don’t really *listen* to it. It’s just random background noise….

Speaking of listening to the radio, I was tuned in to the morning show on DC101, and I was a little disturbed. I know Elliot is kind of annoying and obnoxious, but most of the time he doesn’t bother me. Today, however… The subject was little people — you know, the adults whose size is just a bit smaller than average. Apparently, Vienna has a community of Little People, called Tiny Town, and the average sized folk in this area think it’s funny to go down into that community and gawk at the Little People. Listeners called up with all sorts of stories to that effect, which just got Elliot riled up to the point where he’s sending an “ambassador” from DC101 to the Little People. It seems to me that all they want is to be left alone. They can’t help the fact that they’re small, any more than I can help my lack of height.

I used to work with a little person, named Heather. I admit she fascinated me, being so small. But if I hadn’t worked directly with her in the same department, I wouldn’t have sought her out. It just seems so disrespectful…

I have a problem at work… and that is that I’m not Middle Eastern. I have three bosses at work — Mohammed, Fred, and Abdull. Abdull is Afghan, and he doesn’t like anyone who isn’t from the Middle East. It’s obvious too — Farouq and Maiwand spend hours in his office (Maiwand is his cousin, to boot), but the one time I went in to ask him a question he threw me out, then barricaded himself in the office with Farouq. I’ve faced discrimination before — I was the only girl with a Jewish last name in northern Illinois, and people hated me because of it. But this time it just doesn’t make sense! Last time I got made fun of because I was different. But the store where I work is so diverse! We have African-Americans, a slew of Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Arabs, Turks, Koreans, Kuwaitis, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Hispanics (TONS of Hispanics — which is good for me since Hispanic men are SOOOO fine!)… the list goes on. Basically, there are like five white people, and I’m one of them. Even the general manager is the descendant of Lebanese immigrants, so we don’t have a problem with racism. It’s just frustrating to work with Abdull because he won’t answer my pages, he’s never in his office, he doesn’t want to do anything for me… And we only have three managers now, where we once had four. There’s a rumour flying around that Fred is looking to go to another department, but that would just SUCK. Then Abdull would be the only semi-accessible manager…. Luckily, I won’t be there much longer. Heh.

Take care of yourselves!! Go soak up some rays, frolic in the water, play kickball with the neighborhood kids, marvel at the lightning, and catch some fireflies. :o)


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