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Brain teasers and cool tools 26 July 2000

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I have a new tool and you don’t!! :o) Yes, I’m gloating. Heh. We had a special at the store at some point in time where if you bought Microsoft Project 2000, we’d give you one of those all-in-one tools. Well, the special is no longer running, but we have a few tools left. Being the ex-girlfriend and now close buddy of the head of the software department, I was able to wangle one of the extras out of him. This thing is so cool! Pliers, a “saw” (couldn’t cut paper if it tried), a couple of screwdrivers, a semi-large blade, can opener, etc. It’s also bright yellow. Happy colours are good.

There’s this one street that I love to look down when I’m driving home. I decided to avoid the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Pickett Rd, which I used to take home, in favor of Arlington Blvd. When you’re going east on this road, right when you turn off to go home, if you look down the road it looks like the world just drops off. The road goes up a hill, and then… nothing. Just the horizon. You can’t see any buildings beyond or anything. It’s a little eerie, but neat at the same time.

I found out a interesting bit of information today. There’s a new cashier at work, and since I’m tired of trying to keep up with the major turnover in cashiers, I didn’t go out of my way to meet him, but I found out who he was from Shervan. Let me just explain — this boy is whiter than I am with strawberry blonde hair, a red goatee, and beautiful blue eyes. Apparently, this guy (I found out later his name is Adam) approached Shervan’s brother Pouyan, who works in the bookstore area, and asked if he were Iranian. Of course, Pouyan said yes, and Adam just starting flying along in Farsi, speaking it as fluently as Pouyan does. The story came out — Adam’s mother is American, and his father is Iranian, and when the parents split, one child went with the mother back to America, and the other (Adam) stayed with the father in Iran. Shervan was just flabbergasted by this, saying, “This white boy is even more Iranian than I am!!” Shervan was raised in England and Canada, and speaks little Farsi. I was just so amused by the story. :o)

I had such a good day at work today. I was on phone duty for most of the morning, which was a little frustrating because I spent two hours doing my cross-stitch but have nothing to show for it because I had to take it all out. Then I went down to the floor, and it was just dead. I was either hanging out with the parts room girl, Rica, or following Shervan around the floor, or just bs’ing with the other reps. We were doing brainteasers all day. :o)

Figure this one out — The band U2 has a concert to get to in seventeen, but they’re across the river from the pavilion. So they have to walk across the bridge, but they can do it at a maximum of two at a time, and one person has to travel back across the bridge to get another person becaue there’s only one flashlight. Each pair has to travel only as fast as the slower person. Bono can cross in one minute, Edge in two minutes, Adam in five minutes, and Larry in ten minutes. So for example, if Larry and Bono cross first, that will take ten minutes, and if Larry is sent back with the flashlight, the total time is 20 minutes and the mission is lost.

Any ideas?? This is the one that was stumping me all day….


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