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Sisters are WONDERFUL 30 July 2000

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Michele has left… isn’t it sad??? I love it when she’s here. We don’t always get along wonderfully, but it’s neat to have her around to talk to, play games with, borrow makeup from…

OH CRAP! Be right back… I have to make sure my sweatshirt that she “borrowed” for six months and finally gave back is still in my closet. Whew. Still there. She kept threatening to steal it. :o)

Anyhow, so Michele has gone back to North Carolina, where she’s at for quite a few months this time. Mark got home from Boy Scout camp before Michele had to leave, and Dad took this lovely photo of the three of us kids. Mark’s the one in the middle (obviously), Michele’s on the right and I’m on the left. Michele made the observation that the three of us look nothing alike — she and I are full-blooded sisters and we look totally different. One lady at work asked if she were my sorority sister when I introduced her to “my sister Michele.” Most folks at work agreed that we didn’t look like sisters at all. But that’s ok — we still love each other a great deal.

One cool memory — I always thought when I was little that my sister was very popular. Apparently she wasn’t all that popular, but she did have several good friends that she would hang out with a lot. When I was about eight or so, making her twelve and in the eighth grade, she had a birthday party at a local ice skating rink (her birthday is December 8). Even though she was at that age where kids generally don’t hang around with their younger siblings, she let me go to her birthday party, where I barely managed not to fall too many times. :o) Dad’s got videotape of that also… Back in those days, he taped EVERYTHING. Even random ladies in bikinis on the beach where we had our family reunion. Hehe.


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