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Another summer winding down 1 August 2000

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I know it sounds weird, but something I truly enjoy is leaving a really well air-conditioned store or home for the heat and humidity outside. It’s crazy — but I get so cold inside that when I leave the store where I work, I just feel all my muscles relaxing and my whole body thawing out. It feels so damned good! One guy I used to date would always have the a/c running in his car, and his parents kept his house at 65 degrees all year. So sometimes I would just have to sit outside my house for a while after he brought me home before I went into my air-conditioned house, just to thaw out. I got to experience this lovely feeling today when I decided, on a whim, to get lunch at Roy Roger’s. I love Gold Rush Chicken Sandwiches — gotta have ’em! :o)

It STORMED this afternoon — a patented DC rainstorm with thunder booming, lightning flashing, and rain coming from all directions. There must have been about three inches of rain on the ground in the parking lot. We’re still checking in computers that got hit by last Friday’s storm in the area, and I have the feeling that today’s storm will generate even more business. That’s good — it was DEAD today in the store. I read 128 pages of my book while at work, that’s how slow it was. A little hint for you, folks — if you know a storm is coming or you’re home when one hits, RUN for your computer and yank the cords from the wall. Don’t forget the modem line; I checked in a PowerBook laptop today that was fried by lightning coming through the modem and caused over $800 worth of damage.

I must begin the process of packing up soon. I have such grandiose plans for leaving a ton of my crap here at home, since I’ve got a room here (to some extent), and I want to get rid of some of my clothes. Unfortunately, Michele, I’m not getting rid of anything you want. (Yeah, I saw your ears prick up in anticipation.) I’ve got shirts I haven’t worn in a few years, and I think it’s time to say goodbye. And I need to buck up my courage and toss out some of the stuff in my lingerie drawer. Michele always teases me that I can open my own Victoria’s Secret. :o)

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, the coolest store out there, their newest catalog has some AWESOME stuff in it!! See, folks, I only want to be rich so that I could own all the cool stuff from VS. I just can’t wear their shoes. Too narrow for my wide feet. :o)

The new iMacs came out today!!! iMacs before today came in five “flavours” — blueberry, tangerine, lime, strawberry, and grape (not to mention graphite, but that was a special edition). Now they have four new colours, and the old ones are discontinued. They’ve got sage, a nice green, ruby, a lovely gemstone red, indigo, which is more like sapphire, and snow, which is a translucent white, making the whole iMac white. The Macintosh lady at work LOVES the snow, but for me, the sage and the indigo are tied. Not that I would ever sell out and GET an iMac (I’m a PC lady myself), but it would be cool to have something so pretty and yet so functional. :o)

And since SR-71 and Stroke 9 were playing the 9:30 Club tonight in DC, the local radio station overdid the songs by them, especially “Little Black Backpack.” Stroke 9 did an acoustic version at the radio station, and they had all the folks in the room at the time help out with the chorus. Boy, was THAT a bad idea. Hehe. Dj’s should stick to spinning records (or CDs, whatever) and NOT sing! :o)

Take care of yourselves!!!


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