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The Diaryland clock is still trying to mess with my mind. It’s still four hours ahead. What, are the folks that run diaryland in Iceland or something?? :o)

I spent WAY too much money at Best Buy today… but I LOVE what I got! We went there because Shervan and I were listening to the live version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and I realized that he can’t burn it for me because it’s all one continuous track. Well, not really — it’s split up into tracks, but there’s no break between them. If he burns it for me, the burned copy will have space between the tracks. So I bought myself a copy. I could have gotten the live version from 1980-81 for a few dollars cheaper, but I wanted the studio version more. So that was over $30 right there.

I also couldn’t resist buying Mass Slaughter, which is Slaughter’s greatest hits. I remember buying Stick It To Ya, their first album… I wonder if Michele does. We were living in northern Illinois at the point, with both Dad and Marty stationed at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, and I think I was ten or eleven at the time, making Michele something like 14 or 15. We rode our bikes up to the plaza near our house (which was the entirety of Lindenhurst, the tiny town we lived in), and I bought Stick It To Ya on tape. For some reason, I remember the shopping bag was grey, and I had problems keeping it on the handle bars as I followed Michele home. Then I got it home, and blasted my eardrums out for a while on my mono tape player Dad picked up at the Pentagon in ’89 for $5.

Now my only problem is Mark Slaughter, the lead singer, can sing a LOT higher than I can. :o)

Speaking of singing, I was singing along with Eve 6’s “Promise” in Best Buy today while I was spending all my money, and the cashier told me I had a lovely voice and that I should think about recording something. Now THAT was a load of hooey! :o) I just like to sing. But I was really annoyed because they kept bleeping out the word “fuck” from that song, even though they’ll play it on the radio. ::sigh::

And more about Illinois, today is Scott Gilliman’s (?) birthday. His 21st, I should think. He was one of the few guys I would hang out with in grade/middle school (I went to a tiny school that was K-8, and 6-8 was middle school). We used to call him Gilligan… he was the sweetest guy. Him and Jason Erlenborn. Jason was awfully quiet, but I have a photo of Scott and Jason mugging for the camera when we all went to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago on a field trip. I miss those guys… Don’t ask me why I remember his birthday….

It’s also the day that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, I do believe, way back in the early 90s. I found out not too long ago that my boss at work is Kuwaiti, but I don’t think we have any Iraqis in the store. :o)


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