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Ain’t it embarrassing?! 7 August 2000

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Ach, but I’m tired. I think I need to start going to bed before midnight. :o)

It stormed today. Not as bad as it did a couple of days ago, when the rain was coming down in sheets and the parking lot was six inches deep in minutes. But there was lightning, and thunder, and some rain. Around 5:45pm the lights went out, which was odd since it wasn’t storming at that point. I started getting worried about leaving work around 6:15 since I was supposed to go see my friends right after work. The problem was they couldn’t find the key to my cash drawer. They looked in the lead csr’s desk — no go. The cash office worker, Fouzi, had some keys, but none of them fit mine. Finally, Maiwand found more keys in the desk that he’d overlooked the first time, and one opened my register.

Oh, but I left out an integral part of this story. Yesterday I mentioned Abbey’s owing me big time for that customer he stuck me with for an hour and a half. This gent comes from Saudi Arabia, and exchanged a Sony Vaio for an HP Pavilion because the Sony wasn’t dual-voltage. He didn’t keep the box for the Vaio, so we charged him $50 for it. He also bought a whole crapload of other stuff, coming to something like $2500 in addition to the exchanged computers. But his AmEx card was declined… and it took him an hour and a half of talking to AmEx on the phone to get them to approve the charges, all because he overpaid his bill last time! He was dissatisfied with his low limit, so he overpaid to have the credit, and they shut down his account.

**slaps forehead in frustration**

So then Mr. Saudi Arabian Gent comes BACK today… and sees me. Dammit, I’m the only female and the only redhead — I stand out. He now wants to exchange the HP Pavilion he got LAST WEEK for a SONY VAIO!!! And he doesn’t have the box for the HP, so he tells me he’ll get it from his home and bring it back to me.

The power had just gone out when I see this Grand Am backing up onto our sidewalk!!! Then I realize…. IT’S MR SAUDI ARABIAN GENT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Farouq’s on the only damn terminal that worked, which was a blessing. I told Mr. Gent that Farouq would take care of him, but then Maiwand opens his big mouth and points out that the terminal on the end was working.

**kicks Maiwand square in the ass**

Man, I should have kicked him. Ah well. Again, Mr. Saudi Arabian Gent has a problem with his credit card — he’s now lost it. So he needs the refunds he’s doing to go back to the NEW card. And he had a bunch of stuff built into the HP that he returned, so I had to make up a work order detailing all the stuff they had to take out of it to resell it.

Right when I FINALLY got done with him is when I started to worry about leaving, and was told they couldn’t find the key to my cash drawer. I was so close to crying, just because it was not what I needed right then. I’m a wuss… I know.

So when they FINALLY found my key, I was told that I would have to take my paperwork upstairs.


You see, I’m deathly afraid of the dark. The last time the power went out while I was at work, they made me go upstairs TWICE, and I nearly died. No kidding.

So I went upstairs with people, which was good, and the boys thought it’d be funny to try to scare people coming round the corner since it’s soooooo dark up there. After we got all the money in the safe, there was only Fouzi, Moh, and me in the office, so we started going downstairs together. Right as we came round the corner, Yujie and Harjit jumped out at us, and I screamed. Then I began to cry so hard I couldn’t get a breath…. and in the middle of all this, scared out of my mind and shaking with fear, I was mortified that I had shown that weakness.

Everyone at work thinks I’m some badass, which is reinforced by my tattoo and the fact that I never ask for help. I don’t want the boys at work to fawn over me, to carry heavy things for me. I can do it. I dragged a super heavy huge laser printer about ten feet, and a (male) customer saw me doing it and asked to help, but I did it. I’m strong, I can manage.

But here I am, bawling like a baby into Fouzi’s shirt front, in front of two lead cashiers who need to see me as a strong woman. I was so embarrassed.

Oh well. As Scarlett O’Hara once said, “Tomorrow IS another day!”


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