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Last entry before V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! 10 August 2000

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Smooth and creamy… like Yoplait yogurt…. YUM!! Hehe.

That’s how someone referred to my skin today — smooth and creamy. The funny thing is I’m pale. You know the term “paleface”?? They invented it for me. :o)

No, really… Abbey at work loves to touch my arm and my hair. He keeps going on about never having been that close to a white woman before, and he can’t believe my hair is so silky and my skin so soft.

And my brother sometimes mocks me for my paleness. I don’t know where I got it from — apparently, my paternal grandfather had a permanent tan, very noticeable in all the photos from the 40s and the 50s that we have of him. Then you have Dad, who tans if he’s outside for more than 20 minutes. My sister and my mother can lay out for an hour, and have a deep dark golden tan. Of course, Mark’s tan is natural, which is why he mocks me.

Then you have me. White girl. Can’t get whiter. And if I lay out, I turn red. My sunburns never turn to tans. I have a tan right now, marked by my watch line, and I bet I’m about the colour of most normal people in winter. In Alaska. No, better yet — in Scandinavia in the Arctic Circle. And this is DARK for me!! :o)

Smooth and creamy. YUM! ;o)

Chilvary is SOOOOO dead, ladies. I kid you not. Dad wanted these CD-Rs that we have on sale at the store — Kodak gold and silver 80-minute CD-Rs, ten discs with jewel boxes for $5.99. So Wen went to the back and got me a case (10 boxes), and I hoisted it to my shoulder and waddled back to customer service. Three different MALE co-workers of mine all asked me, “Is that heavy??” Not one offered to carry it for me. **sigh** I had to get Shervan to lug it to the van for me.

Today was my last day of work. I was on phones duty ALL DAY, which was cool since I got paid to cross-stitch. :o) A lot of people didn’t realize that it was my last day, and they were sad when I told them it was. Of course, they all expect me to come back for Christmas, but that depends on a LOT of things.

Mark, a technician that I didn’t like at first, told me yesterday that he’ll be sad to see me go… He pulled me into a hug, then told me, “You’ve brought life to this place!”

And I have to admit I’ll miss the attention — being the only female (well, under the age of 30) in my department spoiled me. I had guys always wanting to talk to me, I had someone to hug when I needed it, I had someone to talk to when I needed to vent, I always had someone to tell me how cute I am…

Now it’s back to college where I’m just another drop in the bucket, indistinguishable from the rest. Nothing sets me apart there — unless you want to count my lack of (or caring about) fashion sense. I blend in to the background at school, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s just… like most folks I know… it feels good to have a fuss made over you. It’s wonderful to be special. It’s great to be unique.

But you know what?

You are special. Yes, you. And you are unique. Definitely. And you are loved. You all are. :o)


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