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Good cooking 13 August 2000

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Can you believe it?? I bought Kurt his very first Frosty from Wendy’s. I don’t understand how he could have lived twenty-six years without ever having had a Frosty. It boggles my mind, which, of course, is quite easily boggled. :o)

The most wonderful fruit of the gods is, of course, Coke Slurpees. Don’t give me any of that Minute Maid Cherry or Pina Colada or Blue Raspberry. It’s gotta be COKE! I like the fizzy taste of it, along with it being cold. I’ve always loved them, and it’s the one flavour you can guarantee will be at any and all 7-Elevens.

Back in my uneducated days, when I was a freshman in high school and living in Nebraska, my friends and I thought that Mountain Dew was the drink of the gods. I can’t drink that stuff anymore… bleeccch. Too sweet. Mike, Rick, (both of whom are already MARRIED!!) and I would drink Mountain Dew and munch on packs of Skittles. Talk about sugar intake!!! I try not to drink much soda anymore, and now that I have my very own Brita pitcher, I think water will be the only thing I drink. The tap water at school is so nasty… that’s why we need a filter! :o)

Hehehe… Kurt’s making me dinner. YUM! Last night I made that tortellini, so Kurt told me he’d cook for me. It’s so lovely being with a man that will cook for me.

What is it with guys and cooking?? Most of the cooking shows that you can watch on the Food Network are hosted by men doing the cooking. Most of the head chefs in restaurants seem to be male. So why do some men STILL think that cooking is a woman’s job?! I’m glad Kurt doesn’t think so — he loves to cook, loves to experiment. I told him that if we ever win the lottery, I was going to hire the best chefs in the world to teach him how to cook all sorts of different kinds of cuisine.

Ahhh, but dinner is ready now, so I need to go…

Take care of yourselves!! :o)


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