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Good homecookin’ food 14 August 2000

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There’s a full moon out tonight… When I was a lot younger, my stepmom always used to joke that she went wild when the full moon came out because she was really a werewolf in disguise. To prove it, she would bare her teeth, and show off her pointy canines. It was kind of scary to me when I was little, but now it’s just pretty funny.

But my puppy tried to run away tonight. I came home to Kurt’s after spending the evening with my mother, and when he opened the door for me, Koolit scooted out the door and ran down the stairs. Kurt grabbed his sandals and flew out after the dog, but it took him something like fifteen to twenty minutes to find him. Maybe the full moon got into him too….

It was really pretty coming back home with the moon full. I was heading towards the tunnel, and the moon was shining on the Elizabeth River so beautifully. A most gorgeous sight.

My mother told me the funniest story tonight — apparently, her cat, Clifford, has made friends with some strange creatures. She usually keeps her front door open, so one night Clifford comes in the door with something in his mouth, carrying it the way a mama kitty would carry her babies. He laid it down next to his food bowl in the kitchen, and that’s when Momma realized that the cat had brought in a frog!! It started hopping around the kitchen, so Momma grabbed it and put it outside, where Clifford just lay and watched it. She thinks he’s fascinated by frogs (he’s brought in more than one) because she has one of those motion-detector frogs that ribbit when you walk past, and it’s something she’s had for years. I guess Cliff thought this live frog would act like that one!! :o)

Momma made me dinner tonight!! I love Momma’s cooking — tonight she made a roast chicken, broccoli, stuffing, and tuna macaroni salad. I also fell asleep in her house. I had insomnia last night and was up till 3:30am, and we had to get up early to run all sorts of errands so that Kurt can pay in-state tuition for his college classes. I laid down on the extra bed in Momma’s house and snoozed for two hours. She gave me a large portion of tuna mac salad to bring home to Kurt, which I thought was quite lovely of her. I love my mommy. :o)

So the question of the day is, do Michele and I look ANYTHING alike? I think not, which isn’t a good or bad thing, just the way it goes. A lady at work asked me when I introduced Michele as my sister, whether I meant sorority sister. Nah, she’s full blood. She takes after Momma, I take after Dad.

Take care of yourselves, kiddos!


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