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Bluesleepy on sleep 16 August 2000

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When I was little, I could sleep through anything. And I mean, ANYTHING. We lived on Atwood Avenue back then, by the Navy base, and a couple streets over on Mason Creek was the fire station. The fire engines would sometimes come down our street, although now that I think about it I’m not quite sure why they would, and I would sleep through the sirens going at full blast. Ask Michele — true story.

Generally, I can sleep through anything. Stina is a night owl, and needs very little sleep. She usually stays up really late talking to folks online or surfing the net, and even though I’d leave one light on for her in the room, I would still sleep soundly. (Talk about multi-tasking — Michele and Liza both want me to check out various sites while I’m chatting with them, and I’m also talking to another friend online — all while I’m trying to eat a salad for lunch and update this diary… SHEESH!! **giggles**)

Last night, though, I had a massive bout of insomnia. You would think that the previous night is when I would have trouble sleeping since I took a two-hour nap at Mom’s. But nah, that night I slept like a log. Last night was BAD. I read for a little while out in the living room and fell asleep for an hour or so out there. When I came in to the bedroom, I started getting scared (long story), so I asked to sleep on the inside, next to the wall. I fell asleep for a time, but woke up cuz I was roasting. Kurt moved the fan, but I still couldn’t feel it on me. I kept tossing and turning all night… finally at 10am I fell into a deep, deep sleep, where I started dreaming.

Now here’s the odd part. My dream. I was in JC Penney’s with my friend Joseph, and for some reason we were wandering around the appliance section. I don’t remember what we were looking for, but apparently I’d heard someone mention that there was a porn area of the store up on the secret fourth floor. Joseph and I left the store, but then came back in because he told me if I really wanted to go up to the fourth floor, I could. I found an elevator, and when it opened, the floor was unfinished — it was like an open grate. A vacuum was in the elevator, so I climbed in, but when my weight hit the floor, it dropped out from underneath me and I was free-falling all the way down the elevator shaft. That’s when I snapped awake.

Man, that was frightening. Especially since I hate the sensation of falling like that. That’s why I don’t ride roller coasters.

I was BUSY today!! Kurt and I cleaned the apartment, and it’s now up to Michele’s standards of cleanliness. :o) Even the bed is made, and that’s unusual. We have clean laundry even!

I just always feel so much better about life when the house is clean — or my room, or whatever. It’s a strange thing…

Last night Kurt and I went to Hooters for the all-you-can-eat wings, and then we took in a baseball game at Harbor Park. Triple-A minor league team for the Mets, the Norfolk Tides. The Tides beat the Toledo Mud Hens 7-1 in a fairly exciting game — I LOVE baseball!!! I looked good last night too — wearing shorts and a sexy no-back lavendar tank top. Oh, and the free Tides hat I got. :o) It was just such an awesome night!!

Take care of yourselves!


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