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Insomnia attacks 18 August 2000

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WHY AM I STILL UP?!?! Yes, it’s still Thursday night for me, and I’m still up!!!!

Note to self: Self, do not drink really strong homemade cappucino at 9:30pm.


Stina and I went to the most awesomest of places — TARGET!! We only spent about an hour in there, which is really quite amazing for us. Usually we’re in there longer. Target’s just way too cool.

Stina bought a cappucino machine on clearance for $7. So tonight we made cappucino — good stuff, but we have to perfect our technique.

And I spent WAY too much money. But Stina and I are going to have such a hooked-up room. I bought Scooby Doo sheets for my bed, we’ve got a submarine styling clock (which Kurt says looks like a dog bowl from the side) for the wall, we’re going to set up the butterfly chair, maybe a beanbag chair — just a really rad room. I’m so stoked! I also got some really cool shirts for $4 or less; thank god for clearance racks!! :o) Michele will probably want to steal some of the stuff I bought today… I’d like to see her try!!!! :o)

I got another pair of SHOES too!!! I know, I have too many. But these are a pair of sneakers (boys’ sneakers) on sale for $13 — and they look kind of like Nikes. Which I can’t wear because I have such wide wide feet. I needed new sneakers because my New Balance that I got four years ago are starting to look kind of bad.

I know I have a shoe fetish. I have something like 30 pairs of shoes, but I just threw a bunch away, and I left quite a few pairs at home because I know I won’t wear them at school. So I think I’m starting the school year off with something like 15 pairs.

Well, you have to have several pairs of dress shoes for different outfits, skater shoes when you’re feeling grunge-like, tall shoes when you’re feeling short, boots that are made for walkin’ :o), sneakers for roaming around campus, duck shoes when it starts to rain (which is will, all the time, where I go to school) because the brick pathways will flood, flip-flops for those hot hot days of Indian summer, sandals for when your flip-flops hurt your toes, and a few more just for funk value. I almost got these old-school-looking running shoes in bright green last summer, but alas, Payless was out by the time I was fully committed to buying them. **Sigh** Another opportunity lost….

It’s so sad — my roomie is falling asleep on the couch, Kurt’s snoozing away in the bedroom, and I’m STILL UP!!!



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