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Unbelievable Angelina 21 September 2000

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OK, so why the Angelina Jolie obsession?? (Or maybe I should be asking myself why I’m typing a diary entry when I just got back from typing for three straight hours…)

I can’t remember when I first realized that Angelina Jolie was Angelina Jolie, or to put it better, when I realized she was such a goddess. It’s been a while now, and I’m known as Miss Swiss Cheese Memory to my friends. So I just can’t remember…

But Angelina is one of the few women in Hollywood that don’t come across as plastic — like a Barbie doll. She’s REAL. Honest to God REAL.

Those tattoes are real… those scars from playing with knives are real. The love she has for her brother is real (albeit a little scary).

And the best part of all, she doesn’t care what you think of her. I’m sure to some degree she’d hate to have the press tear up her new movie or call her horrible names, but she doesn’t care what folks think of her personally. Angelina is kind of wacky — with her ten tattoes, and employing knives during sex play — but it works for her.

I read this article from Flicks [UK] that drew a great many parallels between the lives of Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie, and it suggests that Angelina may have the same end as Marilyn did. Angelina plays hard, she lives hard, she works hard. The author thinks she’s on the road to burnout. But I can’t see Angelina being as overwhelmed by the pressures of Hollywood. She’s just too damned strong.

I admire Angelina’s strength and her ability to tell people to fuck off. She’s the mistress of her own destiny and one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, even though she rarely gets big parts in movies. She’s amazing!

And it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely gorgeous! :o)


Stina and I were walking home from class today, and we started talking about how we come across to other people. Usually we appear like we’re constantly bickering and yelling at one another, but anyone who knows us knows that we’re just kidding around. Some folks think it’s funny how we make fun of one another; others look rather askance at us. It’s mostly inside jokes that others wouldn’t get anyhow.

But I mentioned to Stina that I really don’t care what folks think of me anymore. For the most part, that is true. I’m tired of trying to fit in here on this campus which is full of plastic girls, giggling and shrieking down the halls, pretending to be something they’re not.

I am just me. I’m not the prettiest girl out there, or the skinniest, nor do I have the most friends. But I like myself the way I am. I have faults that I need to work on (like my insecurity complex and my too-low annoyance level), but I like who I am. I’m not into faking my way through life.

But at the same time, I worry. My dad keeps trying to beat in my head how I need connections, and I’m really not making any. I don’t have sorority ties to lend me a helping hand later in life. I don’t know anyone of consequence here on the campus — folks that you are just sure are going to make it big, like the really involved people on campus.

I’m too much of a loner for that. I have my good friends (who are AWESOME… by the way), and that’s all I need.

I just had a thought… this school year is the one when I’ve felt the most confident and best about myself. Maybe I am growing up a bit.

Nah… :o)


So how ’bout ‘dem Olympics?? The US women’s water polo team is in second place. WOO HOO!!!

I watched both the men’s and women’s gymnastics competition, not only the team events but also the men’s all-around. America just isn’t doing well, for a lot of reasons. I was really happy for Romania kicking Russia’s butt to win the gold in the women’s team event because they were just spectacular!!!! They did a great job.

I get a little frightened when the sportcasters start talking about the Chinese gymnasts. Most of them were taken away from their parents when they were quite small and put into a gymnastics school. Yes, they had a better life and they have the chance to bring glory to their nation, but it’s just a little sad that they couldn’t have a “normal” family life.

Thank God for our AWESOME US swimmers!! Aren’t they AMAZING?! :o)


I agree with Sinnamon — I HATE it when folks’ links open up a new browser window.



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