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We now pause for Antiques Roadshow! 2 October 2000

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OK, let’s try this again. I had a cool entry all typed up, and what happens? No, it was not the fault of the wonderful Diaryland. My computer decided to bluescreen, and when I hit space bar to continue, it had shut down IE. You know, it sucks when your operating system (Windows) doesn’t like its own browser (Internet Explorer). But my computer is just funky that way. I can’t run Netscape, although I prefer it to IE; if I start up Netscape, my computer gets the “deer in headlights” look and just freezes. Then I have to completely restart, and with as full as this hard drive is, it takes a while. *sigh* Ain’t computers grand?? :o)


My roommate Stina and I have come up with a plan. A most wonderful plan. We are going to win the lottery, then quit school (even though we’re in our senior year) and wander around Europe for a while. When we get done with that, we’re going to come back to school and major in something we like — philosophy for her and English for me. And we’ll have invested our money wisely, so we’ll be all set for money and not have to worry about it at all. We’ll start some kind of non-profit business to help people. Hehehe. That’d be so cool. :o)


So I began my last entry (the one that got lost) with two little anecdotes. I suppose I’ll share them again, since they amused me.

Anecdote #1: From my 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said page-a-day calendar for yesterday — “On Why It Pays to Sue People: A jury awarded the family $1.5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages. After deducting attorneys’ fees and expenses, the family received $4.96 in punitive damages, with the father receiving half and the children splitting the difference. (from a story in the Kansas City Star)” Doesn’t that just make you wish the lady who sued McDonald’s for her coffee being hot got the same treatment?? I mean, coffee is MEANT to be hot. Unless, of course, you liked it iced. But that’s a whole ‘nother pot of tea, err, coffee.

Anecdote #2: My boy got me Girl, Interrupted as part of his anniversary present to me (let us now worship Angelina Jolie), and there was a little blurb as to how to enter a contest that Columbia Tristar Video was having. So I went to the site, and entered the giveaway, where it took a while to advance to the next screen, and while I was waiting I took a look at the fine print. The following really grabbed my attention: “Canadian residents much correctly answer a timed, mathematical skill testing question to receive a prize.” Apparently, any American schmuck can walk in off the street and win a prize, but the Canadians have to prove they have brains. I was just flabbergasted by that.

(Momma, remember the Mother Goose & Grimm comic you gave me a while back?? With Grimm going off on the word “flabbergasted”… “My flabber hasn’t been this gasted in a long time!!!” And Mother Goose replies, “That’s the LAST time I get you a word-a-day calendar!!” Hee hee!!!)


Yes, I am in quite the chipper mood today. I swear I have massive mood swings. It’s all good now, life is good. Or fairly so, I suppose.

And I had the weirdest dreams last night. I went to bed hella late (“Cartman, no one says hella!!”), as in 1:30am, when I had to get up at 7:30am to go to breakfast, and somewhere in those six hours I dreamt that I was watching the Olympic equestrian dressage event, the one where the person gets all dressed up in tails and a top hat, and this gentleman’s face was very prominent, as if he were the top runner for the gold medal. Then from there my dream morphed into trying on some lipstick, like the L’Oreal Rouge Pulp (my roomie’s favourite lipstick), only this one had crystals in it, like the Bath & Body Works Salt Scrub. I asked Stina about it in my dream, and she said that was perfectly normal. Right about then, I realized Stina was up and moving, and knew my alarm was about to go off. Weird, huh???


I just went trekking down to the hall kitchen in order to get more water (I only drink water and milk now because I drank too much soda, and I have a Brita filter since the water here at school is NASTY) for Stina and me, and as I passed the duty office (where the RA on duty hangs out) I saw a curly brown head on the couch and felt a pang in my heart.

No more Shanah. Shanah was the RA for the third floor of my dorm last year (I’ve lived in the basement for three years now; it’s a cool floor), and she was just the coolest person to talk to. I always checked the calendar outside the duty office each day to see if Shanah were working that night, and when she was on duty, I’d always try to make it down to the office to visit. She was a math major, and she had this boyfriend that had a job that kept him moving — I believe he was a light designer for stadium shows or something like that. His name was John, but she would never call him John. She’d always sigh first, and THEN call him John… so it came out as “*sigh* John….” Hehe. I always teased her about that. :o) I miss her horribly….. She was a really great listener and a wonderful friend.


Time for Antiques Roadshow!!! This time from Des Moines. Catch y’all later!!!


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