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You have been declined 5 October 2000

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You know you’ve been in folk dance classes too long when you get one of the melodies to the dances stuck in your head. I just figured out which dance it was too — even though I spent the entirety of Graphics lecture humming to myself while the professor rambled on about matrix multiplication.

It’s called Savila sa Bela Losa; we used it as warm-up today in class. I like that one — it’s a running dance, in that you run a ways to the right, you run a ways to the left, then you do some steps in place — but it’s not an exhausting dance. There’s one called the Carnivalito, which I hate (and I think my roomie does too), where it’s just all running around the gym. One big line o’ people, and you switch off steps, either “run run run hop” or “step hop step hop step hop.” Very tiring. I hate starting class with that dance — it wears me out!

I really like my folk dance class… most of the time. Today I got stuck next to this bubble-gum chewing ditz who giggled and made fun of the dances the whole class. There’s one dance where we have to swing our arms while we’re moving our feet, and it’s hella complicated. So we practiced by just swinging our arms first… this girl started doing what elementary kids do when they have to swing their arms — she nearly dislocated my shoulder. So much for college maturity…


Well, I just got my first rejection for a job. I really wanted to work for this company because life would just be perfect, but I got an email from them saying they are declining me for an interview. Bastards. *sigh*

I guess I need to get moving onward and upward… Small consolation that two other friends were declined as well…


I took a photo today — a most hilarious photo in my eyes. A photo of mice in a dorm room sink. Oh, wait. Not mice. Sorry. Fuzzy fish. :o)

My suitemate has “fuzzy fish” in a tank in her room, and she needed to clean the tank. So she stuck the mice in a sink in the bathroom while she used the other one to wash the tank. Three “fuzzy fish” milling around in a sink — it was too perfect. :o)


I am trying to improve my posture. I have a tendency of slouching, of walking with my top half jutting forward. I think it’s all of those years of wearing a backpack. Anyhow, I read in Cosmo (I love Cosmo… hehehe) that one should imagine one’s head floating above one’s shoulders.

It does work — I walk more upright when I imagine my head floating above my shoulders. The thing is to remember this little trick. Most of the time I don’t. But I do need to do something about my posture. It’s not good for me.


Now just imagine, for your whole day tomorrow, mice in a sink. While you’re at it, hum of few bars of the music to a Serbian folk dance. It’ll do ya good. :o)


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