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The beast with two backs 11 October 2000

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Sign me up for the list of infrequently updated diaries. I’ve been bad this week…


That’s it!! The stress is all gone!! For now, at any rate. The program is turned in (albeit not working), I have my paper for Friday finished, and I am still alive after the interview yesterday. Be proud! :o)

The interview was nothing… I should never have been as scared as I was. I was thinking it was gonna be a *real* interview, when really it was a screening interview, to see whether they’re going to bother wasting an hour’s worth of time on me next week. I hope they call me back. See, the thing is, when folks asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up (if ever… hehehe), I would always say that I would rather do something where I’d be presenting technical data/solutions to the client, to be an intermediary, rather than programming the solution. That way, I’d get to use my computer science degree for something other than coding all day in a cubicle. That’s just the type of thing I was being considered for with this company. So I hope it comes through.


I have a new nickname. :o) There’s this gentleman on campus that everyone knows and who knows everyone, simply because he’s so friendly. He started talking to me one day at the university center because I was wearing my Titans hat. So we chatted about football, which I’ve been watching this season since my boyfriend is such a fanatic, and now, every time Phil sees me, he calls me “Titan.” Hee hee. It makes me feel GOOD! :o)


I wasn’t that drunk last night, really I wasn’t. Even after a buttery nipple, and a rocky mountain motherfucker, and a redheaded slut. Not to mention some undetermined amount of draft Bud — our cups were magically refilled every time we took a sip, so I have no idea how much beer I actually drank. I think it was about a cup… not too much. But I SERIOUSLY wasn’t as drunk as you may think I was. Not even buzzed.

You see, last night we watched the Yankees/Mariners game, since it was playing at the second deli (we don’t have bars in this town) we went to, as we attempted to chug down the buy-one-get-one-free-since-it’s-Liad’s-birthday pitchers of beer in front of us. (For the record, we weren’t too successful.) We watched the Yankees lose to the Mariners, 2-0, and another gent in the bar got so peeved by the score he walked out of the deli with most of his pizza uneaten.

But then I’m reading the diaries on Diaryland, and my roommate recommends Riot since I read Cubicle Girl regularly. Riot mentions that the Yankees won last night… and my befuddled brain said “WTF?!”

I turn to Stina and ask her whether SHE saw that the Yankees lost last night, and she concurs. We even remember the score — 2-0, Mariners. Her friend had made mention this morning of teasing another friend who was rooting for the Yankees. My brain got more and more befuddled. I began to wonder exactly HOW much I had to drink last night… which wasn’t that much!!!

So then I get the bright idea of looking online, where the rest of the world concurs with Riot, that the Yankees kicked the asses of the Mariners, 7-1, last night. Stina, being the bright one, of course, comes up with the idea that maybe we saw an old game.

Which we did. We saw Game 1 of the series, instead of Game 2, which is what Riot and the rest of creation was referring to. But man, did that mess me up! :o)


Note to self (that I shall share here): do not piss Stina off by stealing her food and not telling her. Hee hee… She had two tubes of sugar cookie dough in the hall fridge, and someone stole one of them last week. Today I noticed that the other was missing too… meaning someone stole the second tube. Check out her rant. It’s pretty amusing. :o)


Stina and I performed our good deed for the week. We adopted two more fish to put in my snazzy new two-gallon tank with my fantail goldfish, Speckles. The new ones are feeder goldfish, and we named them Gog and Magog (Anne of Green Gables reference there). I thought Speckles was going to eat them at first, but now I think they’ll be fine. Now Gog is being super courageous and grabbing food away from Speckles, while Magog is cowering at the bottom still. Well, there’s hope for Magog yet. :o)


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