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“Kill the king, the king is dead, long live the king” 17 October 2000

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I liked the subject line of an email sent out by one of the members of the club I belong to: “Fall breaks into a million pieces.” Well, it was fall break here for a whopping four days, that I managed to extend to five since I had only one class on Friday that I decided to skip. It was a good fall break… and a much needed one also.

Friday Kurt had his blues inspection, which meant that he had to get all dressed up in his black (the Navy calls them blue… I don’t know why) dress uniform, affectionately called crackerjacks since they look a bit like the uniform of the guy on the crackerjack box. I think he looks so cute in his uniform. :o) The woman who was running the inspection for the officer doing the inspecting threw me out before the inspection actually started, but that was ok. I felt really out of place anyhow. :o)

The most amusing part of the weekend occurred at the hockey game that Kurt and I went to. We’d driven by the Scope and saw that the Admirals, the local farm team for the Chicago Blackhawks, were playing a game the next night, so we got tickets to go. We sat supremely close — we were in the first row of permanent seats, about six temporary rows back from the boards. So we got to see guys getting checked up against the boards right in front of us — one guy went down as the opponent smashed into him, and as he fell his skate scraped the glass and left a wet smudge. I know folks say you go to hockey games just to see the blood fly, but there was only one fight, and it was pretty wussy as hockey fights go. The home team won 4-0, which made Kurt and me think that we’re good luck for whatever team we go to see.

There was a woman sitting next to us at the game that cracked me up. She was one of those major hockey enthusiasts — the first thing she said to us was, “It’s not NHL, but it’ll do.” She was also nice enough to answer the one question I had about hockey, which is how the hell do they know who’s supposed to leave the ice and who’s supposed to come on? It looks like random guys leave the ice and more random guys join the play, but the lady told me that they know who’s to go and who’s to stay because of how the play is running. I was amazed.

Of course, the fans HATED the refs, and the refrain throughout the night was “Ref, you SUCK!” I have to agree with them to some degree — the refs were calling stupid holding penalties and doing nothing for the major infractions, like tripping. And of course, the opposing players with the penalties got harangued by my side since we sat right behind the penalty boxes. The woman behind us was trying to teach her children who to root for, but she also was trying to teach them not to be supremely rude to the refs and the opposing team, and when a player went into the box and the rest of the crowd was screaming, “Sit down!!! Sit down!!!!” at him, the polite lady was teaching her kids to yell “Take a break!” The lady next to us, the fanatic, turned round and said to the woman, “Lady, that’s WAY too polite for hockey!!!” I couldn’t believe she said it, but it cracked me up!

Hockey fans are a whole ‘nother breed. At least for this team… they’ve got all these cheers and additions to the regular sports cheers, and they get so wrapped up in the game. It was pretty cool, but sometimes it got a bit freaky. I can’t wait to go again, though.

After the game, Kurt suggested we go to Hooters, since it was right by the Scope. But we’d eaten through the game — beer and a pretzel and a sno-cone and a waffle cone… So I wasn’t hungry. He suggested we go to a billard hall/arcade, and I thought there was one in Ocean View. We took one tunnel back up to I-64, then took the other tunnel back into Ocean View, just to find out where I thought this place was, wasn’t! I followed his directions back to the apartment, and we found ourselves right by the Scope again. We said, to hell with it, and went to Hooters anyhow, after going round in a 40-mile circle. :o)

Kurt bought me the Hooters Girls Dig Me shirt… hehehe. I wore it out and about when I went running errands with my best friend Corey, and he got pretty disturbed that I would wear something like that out. He said to me, “Aren’t you afraid of what people will think??” I told him I don’t care. The worst people are going to think of me is that I’m gay, and that’s not a bad thing to be. It’s not like people are going to think I carry the plague or something… I try not to worry too much about what people think of me. It’s more unnecessary stress that I don’t need.

Running errands with Corey was pretty fun yesterday, and the most exciting thing we did was get his hair cut. He asked me in the car today coming back to campus whether I was upset that we didn’t do something more fun, and I told him that I like doing things with him, and it doesn’t really matter what those things are. I’m not the type of girl that needs to DO something with someone in order to be entertained. My roommate and I sometimes just watch tv together, a show we really like, and that’s enough for me. She doesn’t have to go with me out to a club to have fun. Maybe I’m somewhat simple in my tastes… I don’t know. Plus, running errands reminds me of lazy Saturdays spent at my dad’s house, with him taking me with him to the bank (the lines at Navy Federal are always huge), or to the hardware store… or that summer I lived with my mom, going with her to the thrift store to find good deals or to whatever store we needed to visit. Just a simple gal, that’s me.

The Raiders won again this weekend — Kurt was so cute. We were at his buddy’s house so that Kurt could use his hose to flush out his truck’s radiator, and he had just come in from setting everything up when the Redskins/Ravens game ended and coverage switched to the Raiders/Chiefs game for the last 36 seconds. The game was tied, and the Raiders had the ball. Kurt was in his coveralls, which have this velcro at his waist, and he started grabbing at the velcro and fastening it and ripping it apart really quickly, in addition to jumping up and down. Nervous excitement… then when the Raiders kicked the field goal to take the lead in the last couple of seconds, Kurt couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. It was just funny to watch him get all excited about it. He wanted to drive up to work yesterday with his Raiders flag flying out the window. :o)

My new favourite song is “Kill the King” by Megadeath, off their greatest hits album. Why, I’m not sure. I like the beat, I guess… I’m amused by the lines “Kill the king, the king is dead, long live the king.” I’m rather perplexed by my liking of this song, since it’s rather out of sync of the stuff I generally like. Figure that one out. :o)


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