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Yellow vs. white cheese 19 October 2000

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What could be better than a gorgeous fall day, with the sun out and the temperature going no higher than 70 degrees (a heat wave in Marn’s part of the world, I’m guessing *wink*). The leaves are changing colours — from vivid green to amazing shades of crimson and gold and brown. I love this time of year…

The strange thing is I’ve had no midterms so far this semester. I’m just so in shock about that. My first one gets handed out on Monday (it’s a take-home), and I think I may have one next week in another class. It’s not a class I’m worried about, so I don’t really mind when the midterm is given. The rest of my midterms are even later. I just feel so weird since a lot of my friends have been under major stress because they’ve had a lot of midterms right in a row. I’ve had one test so far this semester, and that was insanely easy. But I’ve had enough stress with my one computer science class… hehehe.

Speaking of friends, I love my friends. There are a few that are really near and dear to my heart — of course, the amazing Starry One, who listens to me bitch and whine all the time. And the one and only Fuzzius Tomatius, Queen of the Popomatic Bubble and Mistress of the Four Horsemen, who is always ready for a stress-relieving round of Trouble and can be quite fascinating to talk to. And don’t forget Liad, who fuels my sexual fantasies… oh wait. I didn’t say that. :o) Liad, the woman who is the funniest and greatest person to hang out with, especially in the bitches’ corner at skiffy. Then there’s my best friend Corey. Sometimes he gets crazy, but mostly he’s always been there with a hug and a smile and a way to get me through the dark times of my college days. (And if you go to his site, sign his guestbook — he needs some lovin’… *wink*) Not to mention my sister Michele and my mother, both of whom send me email and snail mail lovin’ in copious amounts. Exxxxcellent… :o) So I guess I’m thanking all y’all for actually not tearing off my arm and beating me about the head with it when I get way too stressed out. You guys have really helped me a lot this semester, all of you, and I love you HUGELY.

Ok, end of sap. :o)

I need to remember to vote at some point. I have my absentee ballot already, thanks to a link that Abeyance put on her site. I just have to decide whether to vote for Gore or Dubya, or whether I should bite my thumb at both of them and write someone in. Nader, maybe?? asked today on one of their headlines “Is a vote for Nader a wasted vote?” Well, of course not. A vote for Nader is not a vote for either Gore or Dubya. I like the idea of those two getting the least amount of votes. :o)

I’ve been really bad about writing in my other journal, an actual paper diary. It’s because I’ve been in such a foul mood on a constant basis, and I don’t like to write in a diary that’s supposed to record my thoughts when my thoughts aren’t great. I know, it defeats the purpose of keeping a journal — of having a place to record any and all thoughts, good, bad, or indifferent. It’s a hard thing to do for me since I know I’m going to read this journal again at some point, and I’d rather read my optimistic thoughts. I like to keep my evil dark thoughts in the back of my head, where my swiss cheese memory takes over and deletes them at random.

WHICH REMINDS ME! I was telling Katie today about my swiss cheese memory (and if you don’t know Katie, you’re missing a LOT — she’s da bomb *wink*), and she told me that swiss cheese is her favourite. Mine too, by the way. I don’t like yellow cheeses. That’s for my roommate to consume. :o) So then Katie tells me, “Yellow cheeses are the white trash of cheese, even though they’re yellow.” Hehehe. That was the best thing I’d heard in a while, and made me laugh sooooooooo hard. I love Katie… she’s great.

I found out yesterday that I will be unemployed as of next semester. *sigh* The department where I work is being moved, and my boss just assumed she could take me with her. Alas, it was not to be. She just found out that she can’t take me with her, which means that I will be unemployed. I don’t *need* the money, but that extra $200 a month helps a bit… Plus I ADORE my job. I really do. I am eternally grateful to Starryiied for deciding I’d be a good person to fill her job when she realized she couldn’t handle the time commitment required, and for passing it along to me. I do things that are really fascinating at work — reading families’ collections of letters from the nineteenth century and writing up a summary of each letter (I’d put a link to a collection I’ve done, but my department is slow in posting new stuff to the web), working with old and rare books, doing lots of fairly easy computer work. I will definitely miss this job.

The college showed an advance screening of “Pay It Forward” night before last, and it was an AMAZING movie. Kevin Spacey outdoes himself once again (is there a BETTER male actor??), Helen Hunt is so convincing in her role, and Haley Joel Osment is perfect. Almost too perfect… but that little boy is rather precocious for my tastes. He’s an excellent actor, don’t get me wrong. The plot, the story line of this movie, the way it’s presented… just amazing. All day yesterday, all I could think of was that movie. Snippets of scenes keep popping up, and I kept going over in my head the whole movie. It’s a Must-See. Definite Must-See.

Today marks Kurt’s and my nine-month-versary. (It’s not an anniversary, anni meaning “year”… you see?) No, Kurt and I generally don’t make a big deal of the month-by-month versaries, but nine months is a long time. I love being with this man, and he has been so good to me over the past semester… he’s been my rock, really. I love so many things about him, but I think the best thing is the sheer joy we find in each other’s presence, along with the easy camaraderie we share. He’s my friend, first and foremost, and that’s the way it should be. I’m just so glad that we’ve made it so long, and I sincerely hope it lasts for a whole lot longer. :o)

OK, again… enough sap. Hehehe.

Just remember… yellow cheese bad, white cheese good. :o)


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  1. Ted Burrett Says:

    If you want to hear a reader’s feedback šŸ™‚ , I rate this post for 4/5. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

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