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3-2 Mets in the bottom of the eighth 24 October 2000

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So why am I so giddy and happy right now?? (Damn, two days in a row I write an entry when I’m giddy.) I have no clue. My roommate was gone this evening, and during that time I attempted to read my Theory of Lit for tomorrow, but wasn’t able to really concentrate. Then she gets back, and she and I and our suitemates spend the evening basically walking between the two rooms having a good time. (Not a whole lot of homework gets done in these rooms at times.) It’s kept my mind off graphics, which is a damn good thing. I haven’t worked on my program AT ALL because I need my friend to check out what’s wrong with a function, and he’s super stressed out about the program and about the interview he has tomorrow. When I talked to him earlier and didn’t even ask him about the program, he snapped my head off. Therefore, no more asking him, at least tonight. Maybe he’ll help me out tomorrow. He definitely will by Friday… he promised.

So I’m not stressed, at least not right now. Even though I haven’t done a damn thing on this program. I also just realized that my grade is based on 950 points, and programs take up 650 of those. As long as I can get the programs written, I can definitely do fairly well in this class…. But it’s the programs that scare me… *sigh*

So tonight I have been watching the World Series. I’m rooting for the Yankees simply because I always root for the American League. All of my favourite teams (White Sox, Orioles, Twins) are American League. I never got into watching the National League. I’m not sure why.

I noticed, when they did a close-up of the first plate bag, that the bags they’re using have the cutest little logo sewed on them commemorating the Subway Series. I thought it a tad obsessive, though…

My bf and I had a minor argument about the Subway Series this weekend. See, I’m thinking that since the World Series is being held in NYC, that the whole “home team advantage” would be lost. When, say, the Oakland A’s play the New York Mets, there aren’t going to be a whole lot of Oakland fans that will fly out to NYC to see a game there. But, being a Subway Series, there will be a tons of Mets fans there when they’re at Yankee Stadium, and a ton of Yankees fans when the series moves back to Shea. Mets fans aren’t going to restrict themselves to only the games at Shea. Well, if I were in NYC and really into this series, I would be trying my damnedest to lay my hands on tickets for as many games as I could. Kurt thinks that Mets would only go to the games at Shea, and the Yankee fans would wait till the series moved back to Yankee Stadium. The funny thing is we actually had a long discussion about this, and we weren’t even drunk.

Speaking of being drunk, last night my roommate made me a raspberry white russian. I drank it down since it was DAMN good, and not too long afterward I started feeling tiddly. I didn’t want to say anything to her because I felt wussy, tiddly after one drink. It was only later that my roommate informed me that the small glass of milk and alcohol had four shots of liquor in it. But damn, I felt good. :o)

I think I get drunk easiest when I’m not trying to. When I try to get drunk, like when we go out to the delis, I can’t even get buzzed. I wasn’t planning on getting buzzed from the drink my roommate made me, and look — I was drunk. So I guess I can’t try to get drunk anymore. *sigh* So sad.

I had to read Georges Poulet today for Theory of Lit, and he had some interesting ideas, saying that when you read a book, the book overtakes your consciousness, and that books are manifestations of the author’s consciousness (or something very similar to that). The best part, however, was when he quoted Diderot: “My thoughts are my whores.” Never thought I’d see the word “whore” in a textbook for class.

Imponderable ponderings: Did you know that there is no counterpart to the word “untrammeled”? There is no “trammeled” in the English language. Figure that one out.

It is almost Wedsnesday, being just about midnight as I finish this up… In forty-eight hours my graphics program is due. I just wish I could keep the stress at bay… *sigh*


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