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All my friends are update junkies 30 October 2000

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So again my fans demand an update. Hee hee. I shall try to accomodate, yet I fear that I have nothing of interest to say. So said fans of mine shall have to deal with the inane blather that pours from my fingertips. So there! :o)

I tend not to update on the weekends, simply because I spend my weekends with my boyfriend Kurt. I don’t like to sit at the computer and ignore him for however long it takes me to compose something. Usually, he’s at the computer playing Total Annihilation while I get my fill of the Food Network as I work on in-progress cross-stitch projects. But it works out — it’s good for us.

I had such the wonderful weekend. I finally was able to hang out with my momma this weekend, which hasn’t happened much this semester. It’s really quite sad — Momma lives about twenty minutes from campus, and yet I rarely see her. Part of the problem is the conflict between our schedules, and part is I have no vehicular transport. I think that actually may be a GOOD thing, since if I did have a car, I’d probably go to her house way too much. See, I haven’t lived with my momma since I was six, so I haven’t ever gotten to see much of her. As a result, I appreciate the few moments we do get to spend together, probably more than a lot of people.

Anyhow, Saturday morning the bf and I were feeling lazy, and so didn’t get up very early. Momma, on the other hand, was ready to go a LOT earlier than I thought she would be, so we ran around trying to get ready in the limited time we had. Momma and her fiance Kevin came by the apartment, and the four of us went to the Driver Days festival.

Driver Days was a blast! Driver is this teeny little old-timey town in the middle of Suffolk, and its only claim to fame is that the towers for the local tv towers are located there. It’s a one-intersection town with a stop sign. They don’t even get a stoplight. So they have this festival every year, and there’s a car show and Civil War stuff going on. Late in the afternoon they had an Old West shootout (why the Old West here on the East Coast, I’m not sure…) to show how movies don’t portray shootouts the way they should be. The best part was after all the dust had cleared from the gunfight, the bartender who had watched the whole thing transpire simply said, “Excuse me…” to one of the cowboys, then shot him too as he turned round. It cracked the audience up — and when the men began to get up from the places where they’d fallen, they too were laughing at what the bartender had said. It was totally ad lib… it was great.

Yesterday I spent a huge amount of time on a midterm I had due today (but the due date has been moved since our professor is an idiot and posted the wrong problem for us to do), and then on the way back to school, Kurt and I stopped at my mother’s house. I started stressing out a bit when I was there, but most of the time I was ok. We watched A Bug’s Life and ate wonderful spaghetti for dinner. Momma gave me a whole huge stack of coupons to go through, which totally made my day. Momma, Michele, and I all have a coupon fetish. I don’t use them much, but ever since I was a little girl I have loved to go through them and look at all the new stuff to buy. I cut out a lot of coupons for my bf to use… now we’ll just have to see if he remembers to take them to the store. :o)

I haven’t been stressing too badly these past few days. Most of the physical ailments I’ve been suffering from have passed, and I think the only one that’s left is an elevated pulse. It’s usually in the 90s, and I don’t think that’s quite normal. I think about my graphics class most all the time, but I’m able to put it out of my mind for a few moments and think about something fun or something else I have to think about. My next project is due next Tuesday — we’ll see how calm I am closer to that time.

The problem is I have a midterm in that class tomorrow, and while it’s not worth too much of my grade, I have just started to stress about it. My friend Corey is in that class with me, and he says he can’t figure out at all how to do the questions the professor said he may ask. If Corey can’t, then I KNOW I can’t. But that’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night…



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