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Tribute to Sandy 7 November 2000

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George Allen has beat Chuck Robb for Senate in Virginia. And it’s not looking too great for Al Gore for president. This is very distressing… My friends and I have determined that we need to get Marn to meet us in Vermont for lunch before we go up to hide on her mountain in Canada. This is frightening… it really is.

But in non-political news, I found out today that I’m getting a good grade in my graphics class, FAR better than I thought I was doing, all because my professor gave me a 75% on a program that didn’t work most of the way. :o) I think he was highly generous. Of course, that grade may drop significantly once he grades the midterm, but I think I did fairly well on it. One of my friends thinks he did really badly, and since he’s way smarter than me, I’m a bit scared. We’ll see on Thursday…

I am taking some time off. I don’t care what you say, I don’t care about much that I should care about right now. I was supposed to do homework tonight so I could take the weekend off, but I didn’t feel like it. So instead my suitemates and roommate and I went on a mission and had sweet stuff and coffee. I don’t much care anymore because I have been way too stressed. I need a break… it’s already almost mid-November, and in normal years I’d already be contemplating exams and final papers. But this has to be the long year when we don’t get out of our last exam till 21 December. And so I am staring at yet another month of class… yet another month of stress. So right now, I could care less.

I have a friend who makes me feel like such a slacker. I told him today that I’m not starting the program due next Thursday till next week because I am taking the weekend off. He looked at me like I had three heads and asked if that was wise. I have a program for Artificial Intelligence due next Wednesday as well… Tonight I was to work on it. But I need this time. I need to get my head back on straight. I need to relax and not fret. I wish my friend would understand that and not twit me about what I have due. *sigh*…

Speaking of friends… Think on this for a moment. Have you ever met someone that you feel complete around? That you know that you two are somehow connected in a way that isn’t physical? That causes you to feel a bit empty when s/he’s not there? That you know is a part of you, irrevocably? If you have known someone like that, then you know what I am talking about… and if you don’t have someone like that, I hope that you will find just that sort of person.

Because I have found mine. And no, I’m not talking about my boyfriend Kurt, although he and I are extremely close — closer than I have ever been to a guy. But no, this person I am talking about is my best friend Sandy, the most wonderful person that I have ever met.

Sandy and I met in the tenth grade, in Ms. Niles’ Comparative Religions class. We did our class project together — where we had her mother take Polaroids of us in front of various houses of worship, and it was then that we learned that you can’t photograph a synagogue on the Sabbath (being Saturday). I wish I knew where those photos were… We had our little group of friends — the fivesome, Sandy, Chris, James, Scott, and me, and we were practically inseparable. Homecoming games, Odyssey of the Mind meetings (with painting finger- and toenails with acrylic paints in plaid patterns — remember??), just hanging out… We had a blast our sophomore year.

And yes, Sandy had to move, but she wasn’t too far away for a time there. Then it was off to California, but through it all we wrote letters, pages and pages of love and affection. And then when I saw her again, finally, spring break of my sophomore year in college, it was as if all those years and all those miles had never separated us. We picked right back up.

Now she’s in the northeast, and I’m farther south, and still nothing separates us. I can feel a bit of an emptiness being without her, but I know she’s there. She’s a part of me… I can feel her there. I know she loves me — I know I will always have someone rooting for me. Sandy is the most unselfish, kindhearted, loving person I know, and I am so grateful to have her as my friend. I love her more than she could ever know… :o)



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