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Off to AZ FINALLY 19 November 2000

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I finally bit the bullet and decided that yes, I am going to Arizona with Kurt. It was a result of his telling me his brother’s plans for New Year’s Eve involving something with going to Vegas since it’s not that expensive to go up there from where they live in Arizona… and then I realized my New Year’s Eve will consist of spending the evening alone in my basement watching the ball drop since my folks tend to go to bed earlier than midnight. I had this huge urge to do something COOL — like stay up all night and party, or just stay up all night period… I’m finally 21 and maybe it’s time to party. I don’t know. And then Kurt started making all these plans, going up to all the mountains near his home, going to Mexico, going to Phoenix — all these places I’ve never been. And so I said SCREW IT. Dad had said all those weeks ago that it was up to me, that he wouldn’t like it, but that I could do it anyway. And so I am doing it any damn way. I will still spend Christmas with my family, and I know it will be awkward, but I want to enjoy this time, the last long break I’ll have for a while since I’ll have to go into the workforce in the spring.

I’m really excited about it, but feeling a GREAT deal of trepidation. Kurt got to meet my family in installments, and still hasn’t met any extended family of mine. But I have a feeling that when his parents come to get us at the airport, it won’t just be the two of them — but the whole fam damily. :o) Or at least they’ll all be there at the house when we get there. Kurt thinks it’s better to get it all done at once; I’m not so sure. We’ll see how it goes…

So anyhow…

I won my very first game of pool last night!!!! Usually, when I win, I win by default. Kurt’s VERY good at scratching on the eight-ball. :o) We went to a billiards hall near Kurt’s apartment, and we started out on the six-foot table. And even though I had two beers in me, I managed to beat him on one game. Of course, the other five or six games we played, he thoroughly trounced me, but that one that I won REALLY made my night! Now if only I could repeat that…. :o)

I went to go visit my mother at work on Friday… She works at an excellent restaurant nearby, and we were hungry, and I decided we should stop in and get a bite to eat. Well, she came by several times to chat, and she told us at one point, “The word has spread through the server line that you’re here, so if you feel like you’re on display, well… You are!” My face got all red at that point — I hate having a big deal being made of me. For any reason. But all sorts of folks at the restaurant then stopped by our table. It ended up being pretty funny. :o) My mother completely embarrassed our server, who was this nice guy, I forgot his name. But apparently he jokes with Momma about wanting to date her daughter (which is weird since my sister’s married and I’ve got Kurt), and she mentioned something about it in front of me and Kurt. From that moment on, it was rather awkward. Poor man… My momma likes to joke with people. :o)


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