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I got stuffed on Turkey Day 27 November 2000

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Why is it, when I have work to do, I always find something better to do? Especially anything to do with the computer… The internet has been a lovely thing. :o) Mind you, I can and do find other things to occupy my time — I love to read, for example. (As Kurt looks at me blankly and says, “Books??” *wink*) And cross-stitch, oh so relaxing. Just what I need to take my mind off stuff. Sometimes doing cross-stitch can be mindless, but I find that if I don’t pay attention, I end up taking out a whole load of stitches. I worked on something for one of my ex’s once, a cool snowy scene with all sorts of winter animals in their white winter coats and a faintly glowing sun in the middle. I had to redo that damn sun about three times, and it was a BIG sun. About five hundred stitches. I think that particular cross-stitch pattern is still in my brother’s closet at home, gathering dust. :o)

That’s my other problem — finishing cross-stitch kits that I buy. I finished one for my boyfriend’s family, amazingly enough, during this semester, and I’m working on a few others. Let’s just hope they get done in a reasonable amount of time. My mother has this GORGEOUS one I started way back in the seventh grade — black cloth with a red rose in a crystal vase. I lost it for about five years, found it again, and finished it sometime during my high school years. It turned out well, though….

So I trust everyone had an excellent Turkey Day. I stuffed myself on my mother’s wonderful cooking — although this year I made the stuffing, with just a tad bit of assistance from Momma. It was GOOD too! We watched Chicken Run (how appropriate… hehehe) the night before, and after we stuffed ourselves on Thursday we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which is when my family found out that I’m the person to call when they want to use their Phone a Friend Lifeline.

It was good to be with the family this year. It’d been a while since my mother, my sister, and I were all together, and we each had our significant others by our sides. The men get along well — they had male bonding when they trekked out to Walmart to get a football to throw around the front yard while the women prepared the meal. Typical males. :o)

Now the next holiday will be the scary one — after I spend Christmas Day with my family, I’ll be getting on a plane to meet Kurt’s parents. AAAGGGHHHH!!! Now why did I volunteer to go again?? :o) Hey, we might end up in Vegas for New Year’s. I like that idea. :o) I think Kurt’s parents will like me, though. They seem like good people, and I haven’t had anyone hate me yet. Yet… that’s the key word!! *winks*

So I was chatting with Liad at lunch today, and we’ve decided that our nesting instincts are kicking in big time. I think she has it worse than I do, however. :o) But I’ve been thinking, and planning… castles in the air and all that jazz. And here’s my next quandary — do I get a job where I’ll get paid a fair amount of money, using my computer science degree in an area of the workforce that I’ve come to detest? Or do I follow through with my dreams to work in a library, which will probably not pay a whole lot of money? Can I afford to choose that route, considering everything I have to consider? I would like to go to grad school and get my master’s in library sciences, but I need a good job to pay for grad school, and to live off of at the same time. And the worse thing is I have to make up my mind soon — I should have started thinking about all of this much sooner…

And now, having wasted forty minutes chatting online and writing in this diary that sucks up my time, I think I shall actually look at the program I have due this week and get cracking on it. *le sigh* Only two more weeks of class… just gotta keep telling myself that… :o)


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