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We’re off to see the wizard…. 28 November 2000

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So I have finally figured out why Kurt stays with me. He stays so that he can have my mother’s cooking. :o) Right now he’s chowing down on the porkchops my mother made on Saturday night for her boyfriend and herself. Kurt LOVES her cooking — and I have to admit that she cooks some good shit, yo. (Yes, Fuzzy, you have rubbed off on me. Hee hee.)

Actually, the thing I say all the freakin’ time now is “homeslice.” Yes, the pale redhead (so pale that I get washed out in every photo that has been taken of me) greets people by saying, “Waddup, homeslice?” I got that from Sinnamon. She said it once, and so it stuck in my head. Hey, at least it’s not “YO!” Bwahahaha.

Well, speaking of Sinnamon (shall I be a link-whore today?? Hehehehe…), I totally identify with her comments about diary entries. I walk around all day, all over campus, from there to here and back, with all sorts of clever and interesting things to say in this journal. By the time I sit down to my computer, my swiss cheese memory has filtered everything out, and I am left with the mundanity of everyday life. Some days I wish I could write like the folks who have a huge following (although I don’t write so people will read me), just to amuse the few folks who do indulge in this journal. My sister Michele swears that I am one of the funniest writers she knows, but there hasn’t been anything funny recently. It comes, and it goes, and lately it’s just been gone. Poof.

And so Kurt brings up fondue. What the heck is up with fondue coming back into style?? I even saw fondue pots at Williams-Sonoma, the ritzy upscale expensive store that has a poached egg pan that I would kill to get for Kurt. :o) But not for $40… Anyhow, so fondue. Yet another thing I just don’t get. Makes me think that we should all get together in loud colours (check out starryiied’s closet cuz she has some kickin’ 70s clothes), put on some jammin’ tunes with a disco ball a’flashin’ while we dip various breads in melted cheese. Now would that be Velveeta? Cuz it’s the creamiest, ya know. And we could get organic breads in wacky flavours, like sun-dried tomato. Stuff they didn’t have back in the 70s — they had to be content with white or wheat. We could even make the bread ourselves!! In a bread machine!! Cuz lord knows, we’re all too busy to actually knead the bread ourselves…. o0o0o0o and then we can get another fondue pot (can you use a FryDaddy — Kurt’s already got one of those…), and put oil in it to cook the meats with. And of course, we’d have to go all exotic too… Lamb… not exotic enough. OK, alligator (Momma swears it tastes just like chicken), buffalo, eel… Ooooo, dingo. From Australia, ya know. The Wild Thornberries were in Australia yesterday morning, and Eliza was chatting with dingos.

So now we should all rush out and completely redecorate in Avocado Green or Harvest Gold. Have you noticed that THOSE colours haven’t come back into style? I think we all need to worship the home decorating gods for that one… :o)

OK, so this diary entry is completely on crack. Yes, I know this. But it’s amusing me… And I have History of the English Language to read, and we all know what a procratinator I am.

But the one time I DIDN’T procrastinate, it backfired on me. After writing last night’s diary entry, I decided to go ahead and get my Artificial Intelligence program done that is due tomorrow since I wanted to make sure to have plenty of time to do it. It took me all of five minutes. I was so pleased. But then I check the website today just to show one of my friends something, and surprise of all surprises, the professor has changed things slightly. And I’m not sure if it affects my answers or not. So now I have to go in to see him tomorrow and rip off his own arm so that I have something to BEAT HIM WITH!!!! AAHHH!!! This man should be fired. He’s a waste of space on this campus, he really is. I think we’re getting our midterms back tomorrow… which is pretty good timing, seeing as we handed the exams in a MONTH ago…

I figured out my exam schedule… Last day of classes is Friday, December 8th. I have a program due the night before. Ick. Then I have two take-home exams due the following Friday (the 15th), followed by an in-class exam on Monday and a paper due in the same class, which is in turn followed by another take-home exam due the next day (Tuesday). Which in effect means I have four exams in three days. Ick. At least they’re mostly take-homes. Maybe Fate will smile upon me and make them easy. Hehehe. One can hope, eh?

And yes, I say “eh” even though I’m not Canadian. Both my parents were raised a mere twenty miles from Canada. So I guess I’m an almost-Canadian. :o) Somehow I don’t think that’ll fly with the real Canadians…. hehehe.

Pardon this entry — I don’t know where any of it came from. My brain has just been emptied onto the page. Frightening sight, eh??


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