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Dreaming of Angelina 4 December 2000

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Last night I had the oddest of dreams. Well, it was an odd time falling asleep in general last night, which could account for the weird dreams. Usually, I read for a while, turn off the light, and I’m out. Last night I read for a longer time than usual since I wasn’t too tired, then shut my book, turned over… and thought. I thought for a long time about the most random of things, and I thought I was never going to fall asleep. Then my roommate came home, and I guess it was her typing on the computer that finally lulled me to sleep for good. Which is strange. But then I woke up at 2am with the thought that I STILL hadn’t gone to sleep, and my roommate was still awake and I was so confused. But I cuddled back into my sheets, and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off.

Between waking up at 2am and hearing my alarm, I had the strangest of dreams. I can’t remember all of it… but I know that Angelina Jolie was somewhere near the house where I was staying, and I really wanted to see her. I lived in this large house with my three sisters (for the record, I have just one in real life), and for some reason Angelina came visiting with her parents (????). I proved to my “sisters” that it really was Angelina by hiking up her left sleeve to show everyone the Billy Bob/dragon tat she has there, but I think it made Angelina a little uncomfortable to have me touch her, not knowing her and all. So I spoke with Angelina for a while, I don’t remember what was said, but I remember I was making an absolute ass out of myself and I felt stupid because of it. I wanted to impress her, and I was failing miserably. Then she said goodbye and walked away. One of my “sisters” came up to me and reminded me I should have shown Angelina my tattoo, then we would have had something to talk about. I saw Angelina walking with her parents at the far end of our house (and her parents were ordinary people, not the model who is her mother and her father Jon Voight), so I ran to catch up and showed her my tat. She wasn’t impressed. So we said goodbye again, and I felt like a complete moron for messing up my one and only meeting with her. But then one of my “sisters” came up and we started making gifts for each others, white pieces of paper with cutouts that we painted with various scenes, only one piece got left out in the rain, and was ruined to some degree. I brought it back inside to the leader of the “sisters” and she said it was ok, we could make another one. That’s when my alarm went off.

It’s strange for me to dream about famous people. The only other time I have dreamt about a celebrity that I can remember is this oddball dream I had about Jon Bon Jovi once a few years back. I have never been the kind to be obsessed with a famous person, like my next door neighbor in Illinois that was infatuated by New Kids on the Block.

I was still in Portsmouth last night with Kurt when it was snowing. We’d decided to go to a sports bar to watch the Raiders game since it wasn’t televised (and they LOST!! *sigh*), and it’d been snowing most of the day but it hadn’t stuck. While the game was on, it really started to stick to the grass and the cars, and even a bit on the streets. When we got back to his place, I started watching various channels to see what the weather would be like back at school, and every chart I saw made it seem like we were guaranteed at least four inches. I got back to school, and not one flake had drifted down. And today it’s sunny and clear… no snow for us. I hope it does snow here before we all go home — I will be in Arizona for most of winter break and they don’t get snow. :o)

I’m really too excited about Arizona. I’m scared to death to meet Kurt’s family, but I’m so excited to be seeing the desert for the first time. And maybe Las Vegas, if we can afford it. But definitely Mexico, and all sorts of cool places near Tucson, so I’m really looking forward to it. I love traveling…


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