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Home again, home again… 20 December 2000

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And so I’m home again. It’s going to be all right here, I think. I guess the worst thing is not having “my” computer to use, with all my bookmarks and settings and all that. My life is so hard. :o)

I found out some excellent news today. See, my next door neighbors here at home, Jennifer and Brent, have been married almost as long as my dad and stepmom (16 years so far), and they’ve always wanted children. Their son Dale was born to them on 19 Dec. 1998, the day President Clinton was impeached. Auspicious birthdate, eh? Well, Jennifer got pregnant again this year, which was wonderful news. Her baby was due earlier in December, but apparently the new addition wanted to spoil Dale’s birthday since little Beverly was born yesterday afternoon — on the way to the birthing center on the side of the Beltway. :o) Brent apparently made an excellent midwife (mid-husband??) — he’s level-headed like that.

I went over to visit Brent and Jennifer this afternoon, not without some trepidation since I felt that the parents should have some quiet time to recuperate and rest. But my stepmom went to give them some tuna noodle casserole so they wouldn’t have to cook, so I accompanied her. I played with Dale for a while, who has got to be one of the cutest and smartest two-year-olds I’ve ever met. But then I went back to say hi to Jennifer as she finished feeding little Beverly. Dale came in too, and wanted some attention from Mommy, so Jennifer just lifted Beverly up and said, “Here, you hold her!” So I got to hold a BRAND new baby, fresh out of the oven, less than twenty-four hours old. Quite a cool feeling. :o)

Just a side note — Beverly was at birth about seven pounds, eleven ounces, average size for a newborn. But she seems tiny to her parents, since Dale had been a whopping nine pounds, thirteen ounces at birth. A freakin’ watermelon, that’s what I said. :o)

I am now partially equipped for Vegas. Stina got me the awesomest hair clips for my hair — four gold bobby pins that read “Sexy,” “Diva,” “Princess,” and “Foxy.” I’ll feel all beautiful and sparkly with them in. :o)

And yesterday I got a wonderful new hair cut. Short. Quite short. Rather like a bob. But it looks GOOD. Well, Dad didn’t seem too thrilled with it, but my stepmom liked it. That counts for something, I suppose. :o)


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