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Sleighbells ring… are ya listening??? 21 December 2000

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I thought Dad was aching to use the internet since he’s home from work a bit early, so I was trying to wrap up everything I wanted to do first. It sucks having a webmaster workaholic for a dad… Luckily, he’s all worn out and taking a nap. So I have more time.

I LOVE THIS SONG!! The Fuzziest of all Tomatoes would certainly understand — it’s Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.” When this song was fairly big this summer, and I’d be driving home from work, I’d have this song cranked up so loud I’m sure folks in Maryland could hear me. :o) Sometimes it ends up on Fuzzy’s playlist, and we get to jammin’. I should really get this CD… although I was really wanting the soundtrack to the movie Loser, but I don’t think they actually released one. Let me know if there is one, please! :o)

I have also decided in the course of the last couple of days that laptops are evil. While they’re much easier to lug around than my desktop, I keep hitting certain combinations of keys that it doesn’t like, so it starts buzzing at me. Or the cursor will move from where I’m typing to some other random part of the browser. It’s just a pain. But at least I have a computer in my room, instead of having to use my brother’s insanely slow 133MHz. Yes, it was top of the line when Dad bought it for me when I went to college. Amazing how fast things change, eh?? :o)

It is also ass-cold in this house. Dad’s complaining about the price of gas this winter, so he’s consistently keeping the temperature at 68 degrees. My dorm room is usually at least 75, so I’m just freezing. I know my sister would have been a Michele-sicle the whole weekend she was here! :o)

I can’t wait till Christmas. I am not quite sure why — I’m not too excited about the presents this year. I looked to see who’s getting what, as I do every year, but I got lazy and stopped halfway through. It just doesn’t matter this year, I guess. But I’m still very excited.

And the day after Christmas, Dad’s taking me to the car show in DC!! YAY!!!! I LOVE car shows. Fairly often while I was growing up, Dad would take me to antique car shows. Sometimes he’d take his 1931 Chevy truck, but most of the time we’d just go to look at the cars and to see if we could pick up parts or literature for the truck. Two years ago, Dad took my uncle, my brother, and me to the DC car show — the one where all the car manufacturers show off their newest models and their concept cars, and we had a blast. We got to sit in all the cars and look at all their features… except the Jaguars. They were locked. Bummer.

There’s a commercial on the radio right now for DSL. I want DSL. I want SOMETHING faster than this damned 56K modem. I’ve gotten spoiled with the T1 line at school — just reading my daily diaries from home takes forever since I have to download everyone’s images!!! *sigh* Maybe I’ll just go over to my ex’s house and camp out there… he’s got a cable modem. :o)

Did I mention there’s snow on the ground here? They cancelled school yesterday, so my brother was home when I got here. If the temps stay in the lower 30s, upper 20s like they have been, we might actually have a white Christmas!!!

Happy holidays, all!!


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