The Mind of Bluesleepy

Blah Humbug 22 January 2001

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I am feeling so completely blah. I was fine earlier, but all of a sudden, everything just feels so difficult to do. It’s like I’m on a dive, a hundred feet down or so, and things just take so much effort to accomplish. I had to work up so much energy just to update this journal, but it takes only a tad more effort than simply surfing the internet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

Maybe it’s lack of sleep. God knows I haven’t gotten much lately. Thursday night I was up all night, which didn’t do my body any good, but I took a three hour nap on Friday and I seemed to be ok. I slept in Saturday till 12:30pm, but then we stayed up until 5:30am on Sunday. And last night I had horrendous insomnia. I feel asleep sometime after 1am, after chatting with Stina for a while, but I woke up after just a few minutes. One of those awakenings where it’s just POW! you’re awake! And then you can’t fall back asleep. Stina was on her computer, typing away, and that’s usually what lulls me to sleep, but it wasn’t working last night. I think I fell asleep around 3am. I just need sleep!

At least the semester promises to be fairly light in workload. I have picked up fourteen hours in four days at work, which means I’m pretty much out of the room all day. But that’s the way I like it. Now I just have to get a real job… as in career. Eeeks.

I have a new job. In Preservation in the library. Well, sometimes it gets called Conservation. Same thing. Basically I just glue books back together, or put a new spine on them, or sew them into protective covers, something like that. Today’s four hours dragged a bit, but Kat told me I can bring a CD player to listen to. When I worked in Manuscripts & Rare Books, they wouldn’t let us do that, something about the students needing to remain alert. But the staffmembers all had headphones… :o)

Speaking of Manuscripts & Rare Books, their move to the off-site stacks is almost complete. When I went down there last week to say hi, Susan gave me a tour of what’s left, which isn’t much. The Virginia Stacks room, which is a classroom-sized area that holds lots of Bibles, among other things, was completely bare. The shelves along the wall were all that was left. Then she brought me into the large stacks. They’re housed in a room that is reminiscent of a warehouse, although it’s not quite that large. The huge shelves that had been on both sides of the center aisle were almost all gone, along with all the manuscript collections that had been housed on those shelves. It was just bare and empty. Rather depressing, really. Just a few things were left when I was there, mainly just the rare books collection. I miss all those ladies already…

The espresso machine was broken today. I had my heart set on a hot chocolate too, made with steamed milk. I really wanted a mocha, but I didn’t want the caffeine — I need sleep. I love going to the library Starbucks. The lady that works there is just the sweetest lady ever, and she remembers my particular drink — a small mocha in a large cup. See, I am always on the move somewhere, and they fill the cups so full that I’m constantly spilling them. One day I asked Ms. Starbucks Lady if she could underfill my cup so that I wouldn’t spill. She had a better idea — give me my small mocha in a large cup, and fill the remaining space with whipped cream. I love that lady. :o) I hate going to that Starbucks when she’s not working; the other ladies gyp you on the whipped cream.

I’m so blah I don’t even feel like watching Antiques Roadshow. Now I KNOW something’s not right… too tired to figure it out…



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