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Blue plaid 31 January 2001

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Yesterday was a very manic-depressive day for me. That’s odd because I tend to be rather optimistic and happy about life. But yesterday I went from being the the depths of despair to the heights of happiness.

The most cheerful moment was when TGP walked in the door, and he told me he’d seen a trailer for Foxfire during the showing at Film Society on Friday night. Hehe. Since I own the movie, I sat him down and stuck it in the vcr. It’s a pretty good movie, considering it’s not what you would call a mainstream movie — nothing like Girl, Interrupted or Tomb Raider (which also stars her dad, John Voight. He plays Lara Croft’s [Angelina’s character] father. That amuses me). I also managed to snag the really neat soundtrack off — but since it’s coming from Canada, the shipping more than doubles the cost of the CD. It’s worth it.

So my mood was much better during and after TGP’s visit. He’s just such a cool guy. He’s wonderfully funny, wonderfully sweet, and just nifty to hang with.

I think we all decided that this Tuesday night ritual will continue, so that he can see my Angelina movies. Then when we run out of those, we’ll move onto Stina’s collection. We got plenty of movies to get us through the semester. :o)


Today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny skies, warm temperatures… I wandered around today with just a tanktop on since I spilled coffee on my blue plaid shirt.

Isn’t it odd that one can wander around in just a tanktop in 60+ degree weather in the middle of winter and be comfortable?? Were it July and 60 degrees, a tanktop would just not be warm enough.

I pondered that all day today.


That blue plaid shirt is one of my most favouritist things to wear. I wore it for my junior year photos in high school. I wore it all through my sophomore year as my “dress-up” clothes — going out with friends or with guys. And I still wear it. Maybe I’m pathetic…

Last semester my suitemate and I showed up to History of the English Language and sat next to each other. Our professor came up to us and asked if we planned our outfits together — I was wearing my blue plaid shirt with a white tanktop, and she was wearing a blue plaid shirt with a grey tanktop. Matching outfits…


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