The Mind of Bluesleepy

Search me 16 February 2001

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I should be napping right now. Sad, I know. Only 10:30am and I need a nap. Lack of sleep does that to ya…


So I thought it would be rather interesting to share how folks found this diary through the Google search engine. Some of the things they’ve used are pretty damn strange. :o)

For instance, “tight leotard stepmom.” It referenced my entry about being embarrassed in dance class when I was small because I was somewhat chubby, and I didn’t like how I looked in a leotard.

One not quite so funky — “terrier shih tzu mix.” That’s what my puppy Koolit is… let me rummage around and find a non-shaved picture of him. He just looks too funny shaved… OK, I can’t find one. So here’s him shaved. Isn’t he just the funniest looking thing EVER?! When he has hair, he is most adorable. Take my word on it.

Hmm, what else? Oh, here’s a funky one. “Dirty women water polo.” Not to mention that, but it was the Dutch version of Google!! I couldn’t find the page referenced by this search on my page, so I don’t know when I used that sort of thing. Unless it was something dirty I had in my room or something during the women’s water polo event at the Olympics. :o)

“Soundtrack for Loser” is a popular search term. I swear, if the movie company had come out with a soundtrack for that movie, they would have made a good deal of money because a lot of people loved the soundtrack. There were a lot of really good songs on it. If anyone knows anything about a soundtrack to this movie, PLEASE let me know! :o)

Oh, and someone found me through searching “homeslice.” That’s just too funny.


Now I’m glad I didn’t go to sleep… I got to talk to Sandy!! WOO HOO!!! And she’s telling me she’ll be back later… Oh I am so happy about that. ;o)

Now off to take a quiz I didn’t study for… blah…

OH!! “You” by Candlebox is on the radio; NOW I know where I know this song from! It’s on the Foxfire soundtrack, which is a HELLA good movie, starring my favourite, Angelina Jolie. I’ve heard it a bunch on the radio, and I just got the soundtrack in the mail a few days ago, so now I put two and two together. :o) Oh, and this song was published in 1993 by a company called Skinny White Butt Music. That just amused me way too much….


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