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Happy Birthday to me! 20 February 2001

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I should be in class. But I’m not. Sue me. :o)

*sings* It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood… Yes, folks, it’s sunny, and gorgeous, blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and a balmy 57 degrees.

Pretty damn good weather for a birthday, yes? :o)

So it’s my birthday. And my friend Erin in Folk Dance knew it, and told Sylvia. So then Sylvia makes us do the Hungarian “For a Birthday” dance. Which none of us remembered, so we’re all screwing up and it’s the funniest thing to see us stumble around like drunken monkeys. Then Sylvia remembered how to do it, and straightened us all out.

The lady making my omelette this morning at the dining hall asked me how old I was, and was shocked that I said I was 22. I just look young.

Did I mention I have the coolest friends EVER?! Well, I do.

Yesterday, I was the princess. Well, I am today too, since it’s my actual birthday, but yesterday I even got to wear the tiara. :o) And the crown jewels — which consisted of necklaces of plastic hearts that my roommate got at Claire’s, I think.

And after work, Stina and Kurt took me to Target, where Stina bought me a nice watch — a grown-up type watch, metal band and all. When we got home, there were a bunch of people in my room! Liad, and Fuzzy Tomato, and her roommate, and a few more friends of ours. My momma was even there!!! They had an ice cream cake for me, complete with candles, but while they were singing, the smoke detector went off — so Scott, quickthinker that he is, blew out all the candles in one breath! He was afraid that the alarm would set off the entire dorm’s alarm. We were all amazed at his quick thinking and ability to blow out 22 candles in one breath. :o)

Presents came next — and Scott had wrapped his gift to me in aluminum foil, and had even made a bow for it! Inside was a clock in the shape of Elvis, who swings his hips as the pendulum. Every time Stina and I look at it, we crack up. We now have at least one clock on every wall of this room. Eight clocks in all, ten if you count the computers.

My friends then abducted me and brought me to the bowling alley, but it was league night (damn those league bowlers!). We went to dinner instead. And later Stina, Kurt, and I went to Second Street Tavern and had drinks — their mangoritas are DAMN good!

And when I got home, there was an email from Sandy waiting for me — a long one too!! So I felt very loved, and very special…


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