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Dad vs. Kurt: Film at 11 6 March 2001

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Hmmm, so how’s YOUR spring break going???

Tee hee. Let’s see. What have I done this weekend? Not a damn thing. Stina and FT came down this weekend to spend some time with Kurt and me before they trekked off to NYC, and that was neat. Stina finally got to see MacArthur Center, the really spiffy mall down here, and they even got a tour of where Kurt works. FT and Stina were so excited that they got to drive a forklift. Hee hee. Oh, and Stina looked hella hottie that day in her hot pink sweater, shoes, and black pants. Definitely hottie material. :o) (I can say that because she’s my roommate…)

I finally got the last part of my birthday/Valentine’s Day present yesterday. Kurt got me a necklace, ring, and earrings set, rubies in the shape of hearts, from Kay Jewelers. But since I have chubby fingers, I had to get my ring resized. Yesterday we picked it up, and boy is it GORGEOUS!!! I love a man who can pick out nice jewelry! :o)

Speaking of jewelry that Kurt has bought me, a while back he bought me a gold ring with an amethyst heart from Montgomery Wards. This was less than a month before they announced they were going out of business. The Wards in Springfield told us that they would resize the ring free of charge, while the one at Military Circle told us it’d be a fee, but it was better to buy the five-year warranty for $10, which would cover the resizing fee. So we went for the warranty, and had the ring sized up to an eight.

I noticed the ring was rather small after I had been wearing it for a while, but I chalked it up to retaining water and all that lovely woman stuff. However, the lady at Kay told me that what the folks at Wards had done was, instead of adding gold to make my ring bigger, they had simply put it on a pole and banged down on the ring to stretch it out. This is also why the stone loosened up — the heart would wiggle quite a bit after it was sized.


So I was gypped not only of the warranty on my ring, but also it was a seven and three quarters instead of a full eight, and the stone was loose. Hmph. I would advise folks not to buy jewelry from Wards, but the point is rather moot at this point.

But I’m getting it fixed by Kay. Note to self: buy jewelry only from a jewelry store, even if the sales at department stores are rather tempting…

In other news… I saw Dad today. I’m not sure I want to go there… Oh my.

See, the thing is… when I was back home this Christmas, I asked Dad what his issue with Kurt is. I don’t get it — Kurt is a really sweet, very proper young man who gives his superiors and elders the respect they deserve, and he is kind, courteous, and the sweetest man EVER. Dad hasn’t always liked the guys I was with (namely James. Every day, he told me I shouldn’t be with him. He was right, though…), but he’s never been so distant before.

I finally confronted him and asked if the problem stemmed from the fact that Kurt is an enlistedman and not an officer. Dad denied the fact and cited his own experience as an enlistedman in the Navy before his commissioning around the time I was born. I was not convinced.

Dad emailed me last week to tell me he’d be at NAS Norfolk to attend a conference of some sort, and that he’d like to see me. I mentioned I’d be at Kurt’s for spring break, and Dad told me he’d like it to just be a family event, that it was nothing against Kurt, that if I wanted to invite Stina he’d rather I not. So I called him and asked WTF, because I am tired of the tension between the two of them. He denied any tension and told me he wants to see JUST ME. He also told me I’m making a mountain of a molehill.

So tonight Kurt was planning on eating pizza and vegging out in front of the tv while I went out with Dad. But Dad had to make life difficult on all involved. Dad was worried about Kurt’s truck being parked at the BOQ because Kurt has enlisted stickers and not officer stickers, he didn’t want to meet me somewhere because that was too hard, and he didn’t want to take the Blazer because he wanted to take me out in his Sequioa that he just got. At the same time, he had no idea where I am geographically, and didn’t want to come get me. Finally, Dad relented and said Kurt could come with me since he’d have to drive me all the way out to NAS anyhow. Grrr….

We went to Outback, and I had RED MEAT!!! Enough to fuel my aggression towards the world lately. Well, only enough to coupon ladies at Kmart who take FOREVER to check out because their coupons which saved them fifty cents wouldn’t ring up and they want to take twenty minutes to check out. Hehe. Anyhow, I had steak, almost as good as what I make here at home, and Dad and I had a lovely little chat. Mostly about nothing in particular, but I did get a chance to show him around Ocean View so he could see the changes that are being made to brighten up the area and get rid of the drugs and the prostitutes.

Things went fairly well. I hope Dad can just learn to like Kurt and realize that he’s a wonderful guy who is perfectly suited to me. Michele loves him (well, he’s her best friend, after all!!!), and Momma thinks he’s great. Of course, Mark loves any guy I bring home because he’s always yearning for a brother to roughhouse with, and Marty is just easygoing anyhow. So the only obstacle is Dad. *sigh* I wish he knew how hard he makes life sometimes….

Tomorrow is Kurt’s 27th birthday, and I don’t know what to get him!!! Certainly not cinnamon-scented candles… ahem. :o) I’m thinking… well… Y’all will find out later. :o)


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