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Breathe…. breathe… 15 March 2001

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Random factoid of the day: After I brush my teeth, I get extremely thirsty. It takes something like ten or fifteen minutes to kick in, but when it does, I have cottonmouth from hell. It’s rather analogous to someone shoving dessicant from all the new shoes in the world (those “Do Not Eat” packages) into my mouth all at once. Definitely not a pleasant feeling.

This is why, boys and girls, I only brush my teeth in the morning or at least not before bed. If I brushed them and got right into bed, I wake up in the middle of the night with this cottonmouth coupled with morning breath. That’s even worse. Take my word for it. It’s just nasty.

But my dentist doesn’t complain… hehehe. I am Ms. Never Had a Cavity! *struts* My sister was like that too… then she joined the Navy and now she has Navy mouth. The Navy pretends that you have cavities just to give them a reason to drill and put you in pain.


Another random factoid of the day: I hate, loathe, abhor, detest, and generally find distasteful the smell of popcorn.

OK, this is the weird part. I like popcorn all right, and I’ll eat it when I’m at the movies or when my stepmom pops it for Friday night movie night at our house when I’m home from school. But the smell of it popping in the microwave just drives me nuts. And of course, someone on this hall pops some popcorn every night. By the time it gets to my room, it smells like rancid butter. Not a yummy scent, by any stretch of the imagination.

And of course, someone’s making popcorn as I type this. Yick.


I checked my stats today, and found some interesting referrals from Google. God, I love seeing how people find me over the net!! :o)

So here’s the list today (I think I’m having a list-format entry tonight…..):

“Parents sleeping nude” (zuh wuh??? Who’d want to see THAT?!?! Eeek.)

“Sleepy girls” (which showed up on the Deutschland version of Google and several times in English as well…)

“Male bums” (um…. yeah…)

“Fetish ‘New Balance'” (I own a pair, but don’t have a fetish…)

“I dress like a whore” (I DO NOT!!! Mostly…. *wink*)

And last but not least, from, “Men forced to wear dresses” (that’s just funny on its own)

Of course, the scary part is MY site is found using those search strings. Oh my…


Did I mention I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays?? I really don’t mind too much getting up so early (8am classes should be outlawed), but I just don’t like my classes. Web Programming is a joke. All the professor does is put up transparencies of various programs and explain what they do; he doesn’t teach us how to code at all. But I found out some good news: our final in that class is a five-page paper on how one would go about hacking a site. Hehehehe… I think I’ll make a VERY good grade in that class, which will bode wonderfully for my gpa in my major…

Folk dance is fun, but lately we’ve been having the other folk dance teacher help Sylvia, and he’s a maniac. It’s like an hour and a half of an intense cardio workout, and I’m not used to all that exercise. I’m sedentary — that’s why I’m chubby. :o)

Then we get to linguistics. My ego was boosted by the professor’s comments on my grade so far, but that class gets so dry. It’s a lot of discussion and conversation, but there are several idiot girls in that class that just tell random stories and giggle a lot. And if I had a nickel for every time one of them used the word “like” (“but like, you see, it’s like…”), I’d be a rich woman. Today he turned the lights WAY down and used the opaque projector and I just couldn’t stay awake. I always feel so guilty when I sleep in class, but at the same time I enjoy sleep so much… Such a dilemma!!!!

After linguistics, I have a whopping half hour to myself, followed by three hours of mindless cutting and pasting at work. At least on Thursdays Kathryn is there the same time I am, so we just talk as we work. I just feel like I’m always running around on Tuesdays and Thursdays… I just want to stop and catch my breath for a second. It doesn’t help that I start my classes at one end of campus, go to the other end for my next class, trek BACK to the opposite end to finish my classes, go to my room in the middle of campus, and then go to work in the library which I’ve passed three or four times that day already.



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