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Just a homebody 22 March 2001

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So why don’t I update every day??? Maybe because some silly bald man came up to visit AGAIN yesterday!! :o) Tee hee…

Kurt had told me that he had to work yesterday, and I was a little disappointed because I needed a new pair of shoes (my blue Skechers got a hole right where my little toe goes). So I’d wait till the weekend… no biggie.

But then I was thinking, as I was struggling to stay awake at work… Maybe, just *maybe* he’d get the day off and surprise me. Nahhhh…

Four o’clock rolls around and I’m cleaning the cubicle. And lo and behold, I get attacked by tall bald man.


I love Kurt. :o)


I was talking to my sister today, and she wanted to know what I was going to do after graduation.

Minor side-note: Very few people that *I* know of know what they’re doing after graduation. I would be among the many that don’t. I feel better. :o)

So I told Michele that I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d be doing, but that I wanted to be with Kurt. She told me I ought to be moving somewhere “exotic,” somewhere where I can be on my own and do as I please.

I told her I’m a homebody.

She wanted a definition.

Here goes:

I like to stay at home. I like to be alone sometimes, and with just a few people other times. I prefer the quiet of my room with the stereo on than to a bar with the music so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

I like to be domestic, at least for Kurt. I like to vacuum, and clean, and dust — because it feels like our home we’ve made together.

I don’t like to always be DOING something. I value the art of just sitting and contemplating. I don’t like the tv on all the time, but I like the radio as background noise.

I like the relaxation that comes from being a homebody, from choosing not to be a party girl.

I like the security of being loved by the man who will be my partner for life and of not having to play the singles game. I like knowing he is to be my partner in everything. I love the quiet evning we share together, where the most exciting thing we do is go to the pool hall so I can hustle him.

I prefer to curl up with a good book on the couch under a warm blanket than anything else. It’s a comfort thing for me, like chicken soup when you’re sick.

I’m not comfortable at bars, at parties, at large gatherings of people.

I’m just a homebody…….


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