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Computer lab woes 28 March 2001

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Oh so sleepy…. My own damn fault, really. If I didn’t have this need to watch Angelina Jolie movies on Tuesday nights with TGP and Wes (and whatever of my room/suitemates who have the inclination to watch), I wouldn’t be so damn tired!! Damn Angelina. No, I didn’t mean it, Angelina!! Really I didn’t!!!

I have a quiz in forty-five minutes on Martin Luther’s The Freedom of a Christian. I have twenty pages left to read of it. And what am I doing?? Sitting here in the computer lab in the English building in a tiny chair that is causing my wrists to hurt because my arms are too far down. Damn the English lab.

Uh huh like that made sense.

So Most Fuzzy of All Tomatoes has an appointment at the student death and hellness center — I mean, the health center — because her throat is killing her and it’s all swollen. So what’s the first question they’re going to ask her when she gets there???

“Are you pregnant??”

JUST TREAT THE DAMN SORE THROAT!! Besides, “normal” doctors only want to know when your last period was. And I don’t think the girls on this campus are THAT promiscuous that every other one that calls up to the health center is preggers. I mean, REALLY. Anyhow, even if Fuzzy WERE preggers, (WHICH SHE’S NOT!!!), how does that affect her sore throat?? It would make more sense if they waited to ask once they decide what’s wrong with her to prevent the medicine they want to prescribe from hurting this said hypothetical and non-existent embryo. Sheesh.

And then they wonder why I’ve never been to the health center.

So Kurt’s been a slacker this week too… damn, I wish I had a job where I get paid the same amount of money whether I work forty hours or ten. Kurt’s been averaging about twelve hours a week. Lucky son-of-a-gun. He thinks he may have to go in tonight because he’s had too many days off. Man, I WISH!

Graduation is looming ahead in my future. Of course, it’s going to be fun stuff what with my mother and my stepmother in the same place (my stepmother hates my mother for no known reason). My mother made a crack last night that since it’s Mother’s Day, that she and Marty will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Why DO they have graduation on Mother’s Day??? Don’t they realize that it’s bad karma for divorced parents and stepparents??

My mother suggested that my graduation tickets should be given out to my parents — my mother, father, stepdad (well, almost), and stepmother. But then one of my siblings can’t come… and since my brother is only twelve and HAS to come down with my parents, then he should probably go.

Damn having divorced parents. If I only had two parents, then I could give two tickets to them and have three more to play with.

‘Course, if I didn’t have divorced parents I wouldn’t have my brother Mark. Or my almost-stepdad Kevin. And I guess that would be bad….

Damn having only five tickets to graduation.


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