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More skirmishes at the battlefront 2 April 2001

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Oh I hope I don’t have Christianity this morning… I really don’t. My professor’s wife had her baby on Thursday night, so we had another professor come in to give a lecture on Friday. But I didn’t want to deal with that particular professor so I didn’t go. Tee hee. Today we have another professor come in to lecture, and the topic sounded rather interesting, so I’ll want to go if he’s there. But our professor wasn’t sure if we would have a lecture at all today — and I’m hoping we don’t. I’m just too tired. Blah.

So I thought I avoided World War III. Well, I guess I avoided the war but my stepmother and I were engaged in some heavy-artillery skirmishes on Thursday. She sent me an email that had some good points to it, but I didn’t really agree with most of it, so I snapped off a reply that almost sounded like the rebuttal of a high school forensics team. I told her I took what she said to heart, but this is why I’m doing what I’m doing. Her reply hit below the belt — she doesn’t know the rules of engagement, methinks. Basically, she called me a fool for following my heart, and the nicest thing she wrote in the email was that if my sole plans in life were to “marry Kurt and drift through life, then your postcollege plans are great.” Ahem. I haven’t replied to her; I can’t think of something to say without being downright nasty. And I’m not about to lower myself to her degree and start calling names and throwing mud.

But that’s my stepmother for ya… the woman who voted for Ralph Nader because she felt personally insulted by Clinton’s actions in office. She took his affair with Lewinsky and his subsequent denial of it as a personally affront to HER in particular. So don’t mention Bill Clinton to her unless you want her to go off on one of her world-famous rants.

In other news, my mother gave Kurt and me a lot of furniture to help flesh out the apartment, so it’s starting to look more like a home and less like a bachelor’s pad. Not that anything was wrong with it as a bachelor’s pad, but there’s no storage for anything the way Kurt had it set up. So now Momma’s lent us her pantry (we have VERY little kitchen storage), and a bookcase for all my stuff. I have way too much stuff. Some at Momma’s, most at Dad’s, a great deal in the dorm room… Lots of it is going to Goodwill. I just have to resist the temptation of buying it back when I go there to look for cool new shirts! :o)

While searching through all the stuff in Momma’s storage unit to move things around to get to what we needed, I found some of my childhood books. Remember the golden books?? I found my most favorite book of all time in the storage unit yesterday — The Monster At the End of the Book, starring furry lovable old Grover. It was given to me on my second birthday by my dad’s brother. Can you believe that Kurt had never read that book??? So I had to read it to him on the way back to Momma’s house in the truck. :o)

Poor, poor Kurt… ;o)


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