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Biking on the beach 5 April 2001

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I knew there was a reason why I went to linguistics today!!!

Heh. My professor looked up at us today after we were all gathered, and said, “Is J. here today??” We looked around, but she wasn’t there yet. So he announced that it was J.’s 21st birthday today and that he had a piece of cake for her.

J. waltzes in about five minutes late, and the professor starts furtively lighting candles on the piece of cake while we start singing “Happy Birthday.” The look on J.’s face was priceless!!!

He gets up to her, and she’s looking at him like he’s certifiably nuts (which he is, but that’s quite another story). He tries to recover by saying, “It is your birthday today, right?” She shakes her head no… and he shushes the class since we’re still singing Happy Birthday. “But… but…” he sputters, “I wrote a recommendation for you and it said your birthday was April 10th!”

Her response: “My birthday is October 4th.”

The whole class just cracked up after that… the poor professor. But then J. didn’t even eat the cake — she just took a bite and left the cake to sit on a desk behind her.

But I’m thinking that’s the last time he does anything like that for someone without checking the date about ten times! :o)


My rear end has finally stopped hurting, thank God! Oh the agony….

Kurt and I bought a pair of bicycles this weekend — mine is silver and black and his is blue and black. I also bought a black helmet without realizing that his helmet is also black, so we match rather disgustingly. :o)

After buying the bikes, we headed out to Virginia Beach to ride along the boardwalk. When we left it was a little over seventy degrees. When we got to the beach, the temperature had dropped to fifty.


Then on Sunday, we decided to head down to the video store on our bikes to get some exercise — and ended up going another three miles or more to Walmart, just to end up going BACK to Virginia Beach.

And what got me when we got back to the beach was they’d charged us $5 for parking at the church the day before because the weather was crappy. Then on Sunday it was a gorgeous day and they charged us $7. Grrr…

And of course, I turned bright red with all that sun. But I’m better now, thank you! :o) At least now I have some color…. for once….


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