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No Alaska for me 5 April 2001

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In linguistics today, we were talking about the relationship between language and identity, and how identity can be seen as a linguistic construction. We all contributed examples, like “hippie” and “punk” (I came up with “skater,” and the professor didn’t know what a skater was!), and near the end this one shy and quiet girl raised her hand. And out of her mouth came “sorostitute.” The professor thought she said “sorostitude,” but she quickly corrected him. Just hearing her come out with that cracked me up, but to make matters even better (worse?), we have a disproportionate number of sorority girls in our class — at least four in a class of 19, and three of them are “sisters.” Only two were present in class today, and one, a girl I *really* don’t like, didn’t quite get what a sorostitute is… and was shocked when someone explained it to her. Both of the sorority girls present exclaimed, “I’ve NEVER heard that expression!!!” Heh. Maybe it’s just our “secret” way of getting back at the Greek world here on campus.

It was Greek week this week, or maybe last week. So everywhere around there were signs plastered that read, “No matter the letter, Greeks do it better.” Oh puh-lease. So you pay $500 dues per year so that you can have free beer and guaranteed dates all year, not to mention a pre-built set of friends. I don’t have a problem with the service fraternities or even the ones with a purpose, like the music fraternity, but social fraternities are a joke.

And I don’t say this just because no one wanted my bid for a sorority. I wasn’t even interested my freshman year, although most of the girls on my hall pledged the same sorority. I don’t have time for that kind of thing. I wanted time to study and do well in school.

What gets me the most is the language they’ve come up with, that no one knows if they’re not part of the Greek culture. Like “lavalier,” or however it’s spelled — the girls who brought it up in class weren’t sure what the correct spelling was. It’s defined as the act of a frat boy giving his letters in some form to his girlfriend — who generally is a sorority girl. How about the whole thing with “littles” and “bigs”? You hear all the time, “Oh my god, me and my little were out at the Leafe last night…” Or, “I have the best big!!” Is it really that difficult to say “little sister” or “big sister”?

I just don’t understand that whole scene, I guess… I’ll leave it to those much wiser than I.

On to other matters….

I swear I have that disorder where you’re depressed when the weather is crappy and super bubbly when it’s nice out. This past week life has sucked — I have been on the verge of tears at all times (and not been very successful at keeping them in, either), and I wondered how I was going to make it through the next few weeks. I felt like the world was collapsing on me… Then today it was sunny and 65 degrees… and I walked around loving life and everything in the world. My depression has vanished and it’s replaced with a joy of sorts. Not jumping around in the streets, but still a good feeling of joyousness in my soul.

I guess that means I ought not to move to Alaska.


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